The Scientific Difference Between Atheist, Religious, and Spiritual People

This is a trip.

In a series of 8 experiments involving a number between 159 and 527 adults, researchers examined the psyche and relationships between belief in God or Spirit, compared to an analytical mindset and moral concern. What they found… was quite interesting. What they found, in the simplest sense, was akin to the difference between the extreme right brain, and extreme left brain.magic-mushrooms-brain

On the Atheist side of the equation, we see extreme examples of intelligence, but we also see signs of psychopathic tendencies, meaning a lack of compassion and fundamental care for other human beings.

Yet on the Religious side of the equation, we see a much higher sense of compassion and care for other individuals, however, they lack a fundamental sense of intelligence.

It is in this comparison that we (meaning, the Spirit Scientists) believe that a complete balance between the two will be the most harmonious path. It is there in the middle, between both hemispheres is where true understanding exists. You see, when we put all of our focus into religious or spiritual practices, we are putting more focus into the right brain, and our intimate connection with All. By doing so, our analytical, left brain thinking goes away.

When we put all of our focus into logic, we are putting focus into the left brain. By its very nature, it is more “disconnected” from the All, meaning is it less concerned with it. It is not looking at the big picture, it focuses on the details that make it up. It is a fundamental part of existence, but it is more concerned with the structural pathways that things connect by. By doing so, it doesn’t consider the whole of the equation, it likes to takes things in piece by piece.

So it does seem like by the nature of this study, that the natural path truly is the way of the Middle. The Spiritual, and the Science. I read a quote recently by one of my favorite authors that described this very well. So much so, that we made a spirit science picture about it.


If we can have the temperance to focus on our left brain mind, with the understanding of the right brain, we can be spiritually present to other peoples needs while also maintaining that logical, scientific understanding of the cosmos. In this, there is great power.

This connection can be achieved by practicing a focusing meditation, of bringing the two hemispheres of your brain together. By laying down, relaxing your body, and focusing on the central point between the two hemispheres of your brain, and the yin and yang of your mind, you can begin to merge your two points of understanding. It can bring you deep understanding of the nature of reality, and really let you unravel the web of consciousness we’ve weaved.

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