Easter Sunday Divination for the Day!

Of course, this is the card that would come up for Easter! Here we go!

As you are about to see, this card shows naked people rising from their graves, ready to be judged by the power of the Universe, represented here by Archangel Gabriel. In the background, notice the huge waves coming towards them, which signify the impossibility of avoiding judgement.

0022 - JudgementDay


Judgement is a card about the Truth coming to light, and the coming of the new Aeon. It stands for a time of insight, and a true understanding of the circle of life, growing and fading.

Take time this day to reflect upon all of your actions up till this point. What got you here? Why did you go here? What are you going to do next, or at least, what do you want to be moving to next?

This card suggests you pay attention to your recent Epiphany or Awakening, your realization about how you’ve been living your life, and what changes NEED to be made moving forward.

It is upon passing through the gates of “Divine Judgement”, in Thoth called ‘The Aeon”, in which our actions and our focus has solidified into a new cycle, and now there is nothing left to do but surrender to the flow of time itself.

It is the “Finality” of things, the end and destruction of cycles, as well as the liberation, hope, and renewal of new cycles. It is Absolution. It is also:

Birth, Renewal, Transformation, and the Realization of Utopia.

So today, this is not a day to push forward on, but to be with the results of the day itself. You have manifested everything up until this point – Breathe, because you have made it to this cycle, coming to a close.

Easter. What are you doing this day? What does this day mean to you? Where will you be going?

Go with the flow. You got yourself this far.. See what’s on the other side of that portal.

Thanks for reading!
With love,


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