3 Key Ingredients to Attracting Your Soul Mate

When one dreams of a soul mate, what does one desire? Perhaps a person who is purposeful in their actions, purposeful with deep meaning. They may be a city person with a love for the outdoors and practicality, or a country person with city savvy and appreciation. They know when to protect you and when to encourage you to be the strongest version of yourself in any situation when they are absent.  

This soul mate is in tune with their intuition and heart desires; they are effortless in expressing themselves and inviting your own feelings to be shared and heard. Your soul mate has the patience and care to learn your creative language so that you can both better create your life together.

This person is grounded and confident in their life and career choices, independent and persistent with their dreams while supportive and respectful of yours. At the very least they will respect your goals; at the very most they will help you build your dreams.soulmates

Your soul mate has a big heart with room for all, and a smile that warms your temper. Whether they have a family or not, it does not impede on their ability to let all people be a part of their idea of family.

They want to explore your vulnerabilities and fears, in addition to your hopes and aspirations; this trust is mutual as they will have shown you their scars and wounds. Together you will help each other mend and move forward.

Your soul mate is a reflection of yourself.

You may be surprised to know that you will most likely have more than one soul mate in your life. It is often believed that there can only be one or that it is solely romantic, and that it is the relationship you are meant to keep throughout one’s whole life. This is not always case.

First, one must understand that a soul mate is someone that has come into your life to help you grow and evolve to be a more whole and authentic you. They enter into your life to teach you a lesson, this may not always be a pleasant and often it can be a catalyst in your life for great change. Other times it can be a euphoric explosion of bliss that reminds you to appreciate the life you already have. Either way, this person has made a soul contract with you to be part of creating your life story.

It is important to understand that a soul mate can appear in many forms because they may only be in your life for a season and one reason, forever is not a guarantee. When you understand and accept this reality, you are able to appreciate your relationship with each person that passes through your life. You become open to the opportunity of welcoming even more powerful, loving, exciting and meaningful soul mates to experience life with. Spiritual-dating

To begin attracting your soul mate, you must realize that this person will not come to light until you are trusting enough to believe that this person truly exists, and that you deserve it. This is because the energy you put out is what you will attract. If you are only willing to see and believe in failing relationships; every relationship you observe will be ridden with traits of failure.

If the words and behaviour that you share are expressions of complaint or disdain to love and romance, you are less than likely to attract someone who will want to share romantic words and gestures with you. If you want love in life, become loving; if you want romance, learn to be romantic… When you learn the qualities you desire in another, you will easily recognize those qualities when they appear before you.

I have been asked, “Well, I have learned these qualities and I express them with the people I meet, how come I have not yet attracted my soul mate?” I believe there are several important reasons:

1. Right timing. Everything natural and “meant to be” has it’s natural timing in life. There is no need to rush this process as the person will appear in your life when you are ready to welcome them into it.  If you feel like you already have no time in a week for yourself, where do you have space and time for another person? It would be wise to reflect upon your life and see if you have left room for this opportunity to exist, before the chance to even grow it.

twin flame1 2. If you are rushing or worrying about when this will happen, then you are operating from a place of fear.

This fear is occupying your heart and mind, leaving no room for love to take precedent when you are connecting with others. Setting expectations is a sure way to disappoint yourself.

I would then advise you to reflect upon your intention for wanting to meet someone by a certain time and your expectations, as that answer may be providing you the real blockage you need to first tend to.

Often it is the belief that you have run out of time and that you are obliged to have a family by a certain age or with a specific type of person.

Meeting your soul mate is not like impulsively buying the shirt you want before the sale is over; what is this love worth to you?

3. And the most important possible reason is, that you will not attract your soul mate that will compliment your desires if you are not whole unto yourself with infinite love, compassion and trust. 

This means you are willing to accept the possibility of fully being alone while also knowing and believing that you will meet that person, whether it be a short time or a life time. It means you accept that love is not given to you by another, but one you cultivate yourself and is enhanced by others.

And that you have always been worthy of this love, because you are worth it to yourself. If you cannot see in yourself what is worth loving infinitely and unconditionally, you will have a difficult time accepting this love from another because you do not believe you are lovable.twin_flame_by_fuzzyeye

Did no.3 sound like a load of gibberish to you?

Remember, a soul mate as described may not be in your life forever and they may only be passing for a moment in time. So it is imperative to understand that loving yourself enough to be fully content alone is the ultimate lesson with love and a soul mate.

They are here to help you grow into a whole, authentic and loving being – even if you may walk the earth alone most of your life.

So if no.3 sounded unpleasant to you or raised some uncomfortable feelings, it may very well be where you need to reflect upon the most.

Your ability to recognize that you have always been deserving of love and acceptance from another, but most importantly from yourself is the most influential ingredient to attracting your soul mate.

When you do, you will meet that person whom you’ve been dreaming of.


By: Jocelyn Lee | Koi Chi Healing

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