April 2nd Divination ~ Man & Ice

Our divination for the day is provided by our Runes, an ancient alphabet of magical symbols we inscribe on wood or other natural elements cast to seek answers or insight.

In this reading, we asked what the day might bring and we were given this answer: The Rune of Ice, or stagnation, is met by the Rune of Man, or community.

Interesting… We then asked again and pulled the same two runes! This one is serious, so listen up.

Here we are given these two symbols, Isa on the left and Mannaz on the right. Isa is the rune of Ice, which represents not only cooling trends or effects but also stillness, stagnation, or a temporary halting of progress.

Mannaz, the rune of Man, exemplifies the unique experience of human community. The spirit of mankind emerges from our ability to work together and accomplish mind-blowing results.

.rune april 2nd words

When we consider this reading as a whole, we see the two acting one upon the other. Isa, the ice rune, acts as the object. In this we see stillness and isolation. We see the cyclical shrinking of our circles and we see time to rest and recover.

In Mannaz, we see a reversal of this as it acts on Isa. The rune of mankind highlights the interdependence of our existence. We exists not in isolation but among the living fabric our relationships. Friends, lovers, enemies, and strangers all play roles in our lives, and we are not ourselves without them.

Applying this reading to today specifically, we could say that it is a very auspicious time for new connections. It is the time to consider yourself an integral part of the community around you, the relationships you are in and the teams that you belong to.

Be prepared to lean on others to help you progress yourself or your goals. Be ready to accept new friendships and partnerships, and to offer your own unique talents as they may be helpful to or even required by others to progress. Offer kindness, assistance, and gratitude wherever you can.

We are all in this together.

 with Love,

Alistair and Forest

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