Hermeticism in a Nutshell

It is like a great wave washing over you upon the realization of the inner light. The voice speaks to you, sings to you, you are the notes in its song when you hear the music. It plays like a drum, deep, resounding, each note a moment in time, and time itself is the space between the notes.

There are many songs, but only One song if you know what I mean. If you don’t consider, it like a large tree that spans the entire planet. The roots so deep, they touch each other through the planet. The leaves breathe the same air, across hundreds of thousands of branches, vines, fruit, and leaves. One contained system, one contained thought, perpetually and everlastingly changing, growing, breathing together: It is the life force of the cosmos itself.

It is you. It is I. It is all of us, together, as one, and everything around us. It is the land from which we grow the food we eat. It is the air the birds sky through, it is the ecosystem, it is the clockwork of the planets above our head, it is spiral of the Galaxy, it is the Song of the Universe. It is the Mind of God, and the Thoughts that it Thinks.

Hermeticism is a description of THAT.

the one mind

And this is vital that we discuss, today, if we are to grow into the species we were born to be. It is through great collective understanding that great change will occur, and we as a species need to begin to understand the way of the Universe around us.

The bibles of the world all offer much wisdom, there has yet to be a simple, understandable Tome that can be understood by All…

Until now.

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The Being of Atum

Give me your whole awareness,
and concentrate your thoughts,
for Knowledge of Atum’s Being
requires deep insight,
which comes only as a gift of grace.
It is like a plunging torrent of water
whose swiftness outstrips any man
who strives to follow it,
leaving behind not only the hearer,
but even the teacher himself.

To conceive of Atum is difficult.
To define him is impossible.
The imperfect and impermanent
cannot easily apprehend
the eternally perfected.
Atum is whole and constant.
In himself he is motionless,
yet he is self-moving.
He is immaculate,
incorruptible and ever-lasting.
He is the Supreme Absolute Reality.
He is filled with ideas
which are imperceptible to the senses,
and with all-embracing Knowledge.
Atum is Primal Mind.

He is too great,
to be called by the name Atum.?He is hidden,
yet obvious everywhere.
He is bodiless,
yet embodied in everything.
There is nothing which he is not.
He has no name,
because all names are his name.
He is the unity in all things,
so we must know him by all names
and call everything “Atum”.

He is the root and source of all.
Everything has a source,
except this source itself,
which springs from nothing.
Atum is complete like the number one,
which remains itself
whether multiplied or divided,
and yet generates all numbers.

Atum is the Whole
which contains everything.
He is One, not two.
He is All, not many.
The All is not many separate things,
but the Oneness that subsumes the parts.
The All and the One are identical.
You think that things are many
when you view them as separate,
but when you see they all hang on the One,
and flow from the One,
you will realise they are united –
linked together,
and connected by a chain of Being
from the highest to the lowest,
all subject to the will of Atum.

The Cosmos is one and the sun is one,
the moon is one and the Earth is one.
Do you think there are many Gods?
Atum alone is the Creator
of all that is immortal,
and all that is mutable.
If that seems incredible, just consider yourself.
You see, speak, hear, touch,
taste, walk, think and breathe.
It is not a different you
who does these various things,
but one being who does them all.

To understand how Atum makes all things,
consider a farmer sowing seeds;
here wheat – there barley,
now planting a vine – then an apple tree.
Just as the same man plants all these seeds,
so Atum sows immortality in heaven
and change on Earth.
Throughout the Cosmos he disseminates Life and movement –
the two great elements
that comprise Atum and his creation,
and so everything that is.

Atum is called ‘Father’
because he begets all things,
and, from his example,
the wise hold begetting children
the most sacred pursuit of human life.
Atum works with Nature,
within the laws of Necessity,
causing extinction and renewal,
constantly creating creation
to display his wisdom.

Yet, the things that the eye can see
are mere phantoms and illusions.
Only those things invisible to the eye are real.
Above all are the ideas of Beauty and Goodness.
Just as the eye cannot see the Being of Atum,
so it cannot see these great ideas.
They are attributes of Atum Alone,
and are inseparable from him.
They are so perfectly without blemish
that Atum himself is in love with them.

There is nothing which Atum lacks,
so nothing that he desires.
There is nothing that Atum can lose,
so nothing can cause him grief.
Atum is everything.
Atum makes everything,
and everything is a part of Atum.
Atum, therefore, makes himself.
This is Atum’s glory – he is all-creative,
and this creating is his very Being.
It is impossible for him ever to stop creating –
for Atum can never cease to be.

Atum is everywhere.
Mind cannot be enclosed,
because everything exists within Mind.
Nothing is so quick and powerful.
Just look at your own experience.
Imagine yourself in any foreign land,
and quick as your intention
you will be there!
Think of the ocean – and there you are.
You have not moved as things move,
but you have travelled, nevertheless.
Fly up into the heavens –
you won’t need wings!
Nothing can obstruct you –
not the burning heat of the sun,
or the swirling planets.
Pass on to the limits of creation.
Do you want to break out
beyond the boundaries of the Cosmos?
For you mind, even that is posible.
Can you sense what power you possess?
If you can do all this,
then what about your Creator?
Try and understand that Atum is Mind.
This is how he contains the Cosmos.
All things are thoughts
which the Creator thinks.


Thank you for reading,
May we strive together to know the One, who is All.

With love,
Jordan Pearce

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