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Question Everything ~ What’s the difference between the higher self and the ego?

What are these bizarre and estranged things we call the higher mind and the ego, and can we talk about it in a way that actually makes sense, rather than some airy-fairy nonsense?

Btw, i like asking questions too, so here are some questions for you –
1 – Who are you?
2 – What do you hope to get out of these videos?
3 – How can I help you get it?


Check out this amazing article Ray wrote about Questions

Special thanks to Patty Yuniverse for sharing the same frustration as me, and turning it into lols!
Shit New Age Girls Say


Question Everything ~ How do you Travel without Money?

Surprisingly, this is among one of the more popular questions that comes in as well. A LOT of people want to know – how is it that i’ve been all across the United States (from canada) and even to Australia with “No Money”?

I’m more than happy to try and answer this, because i feel that this discussion goes a lot deeper than whats going on with me. In fact, it’s something we ALL struggle with. Money is Root Chakra, and the Root is where a lot of us are stuck.

Many nowadays also seem to have this idea about Money that it’s bad, wrong, and you shouldn’t want it. You shouldn’t have it. I held onto this idea for a long time too. What i’ve learned is that that mindset is a very limiting belief system, and if we can ask ourselves the right questions, we can create something new…something transformative.

The topic of money isn’t actually about money at all. It’s about Value. When you really understand value, you see money is just a reflection and a representation of our judgements of what things are worth.

My experiences “Traveling with no money” wasn’t necessarily with “no money”, of course i had to make money somehow, but it’s also important to know that one of the ways i was able to travel so easily was because i created something with value -something a lot of people enjoyed, and created an equal exchange of energy between me and those who were experiencing my creations.

I hope I answered this question, and there’s more we can talk about next week if there’s still lingering questions.

Question Everything ~ Is Spirit Science a Religion?

One of the most asked questions i get is “Is Spirit Science a Religion?”

Despite my constant trying to answer this question, i’ve decided just to make a video about it and settle it once and for all!

This week I noticed an unnatural amount of people asking “is SS a religion? New Age? What the hell is it?”

In this video we talk about just that, It is whatever it is, and if you want to “define” it, you can do that for yourself. I don’t think true emotions and ideas and feelings can really be given words because the meanings of words are constantly interpreted differently by everyone.

Some things must be felt to be understood.

I want to especially thank my dear friend Ray for joining me on todays video, the video turned out great and it wouldn’t be the same without him! Who knows, i might just pull him back next week too.

Finally, it’s:

Panic to Freedom: Freedom Week!

As i shared at the end of this video, this week is Freedom Week! Since last week turned into “Panic Week” for us :P ┬áThis page will be updated soon about Freedom Week! :)