Question Everything ~ Why we do things..?

Why do we do the things we do? Sometimes, we do things without even realizing why were doing it. If we can learn and recognize the real reason that were doing something, we can change our actions and create something different.

So, the main painting scene actually happened about 6 months ago, and the discussion about it was filmed 3 months ago. There’s a reason for taking so long for uploading it, but the details don’t really matter right now.

The main reason why i say that is because during my explanation towards the end about asking the guy why he painted the blobs and mucky looking monster on the painting, i felt that my explanation wasn’t very clear nor easy to grasp the meaning of it (after review).

Instead of remaking and re-filming the whole video, i thought i’d just offer a more clear explanation here.

What was really happening with that painting? Was it:

A: A projection of his awareness onto the painting, meaning that the blob monster came from him?

B: A Reflection of what he saw in the painting itself, meaning that the vibration of the blob monster was already in the picture, in the lines, and he just brought it out into the open to demonstrate that it was there in the first place?

I suppose another question that’s good to ask is “What was the guys intention with the painting? What was he trying to do? Make his mark? Bring awareness to something? Was it sabotage out of jealousy? I have no idea!

And of course, i have to ask the same thing about me and Nikki. What was i trying to do? What was Nikki trying to do.

My answer for me was that i’d never done live painting before, and i was really excited to do it, i also wanted to “put on a show” in a way, because we all want everyone to like us, and i’m just being honest about it. I also wanted to do something nice for Nikki, because she’s a brilliant painter and i think very highly of her.

So yeah! That was the experience, and hopefully this explanation was a little clearer than the one in the video.

Make sure you check out the video i link to at the end of this video too, it’s a good one ;)

Much love!

5 thoughts on “Question Everything ~ Why we do things..?”

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  2. Jordan, I believe what the man painted was the truth of what he saw in the picture, not only that, but I believe what he painted was our “truth” or the true image of your friend. Let me explain a little better… he didn’t change anything on your side of the picture because what you painted was truth. But he changed the lady’s side because she didn’t truly dipict herself… he drew black around her aura and messy spots in her aura becaues… well…. perhaps her aura isn’t as clean as yours is…. you can tell from that picture that you truly live from your heart… does she? well thats my ten cents :)

  3. yo jo
    so nice to get a vid from you so soon after the last ones
    im english born in france and i wanted to contact you about translating your series,espescialy number 12 as a resumé of drunvalo’s work to ready people to the awakening of the illuminared heart workshops…
    also wanted to invite you to south of france when ever you want
    you’ve changed and helped change my life in so many ways
    i thank you from my tiny space of the heart for everything
    and,i would like to be able to wide spread your work aswell as developing my own
    hope to talk to you soon man
    in love, light, and the good of all
    bonkers for life going to jesus mode
    much love

  4. I deeply enjoyed the videos and the article. I am very grateful to have found this site and look forward to contributing where I may, and enjoying the contribution of all here. Jordan, this is not the first I’ve heard of the power of asking questions. I heard this first from the videos and writings of Dr. Dain Heer. I loved the artistic spin you put on making the video as well as your wording on how to improve our outlooks while maintaining honesty through the use of questions. I also greatly enjoyed the painting. Jordan, you seem to possess a great and benevolent wisdom, and I look forward to more from you. O:)

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