4 thoughts on “Question Everything ~ How do you know if it’s a “Cycle” action or a “Loop” action?”

  1. Your adorbs and i want to know the answer to this awesome question…. I guess your idea is trial and error, which only works after the decision has been made. Any ideas about what we can we do looking ahead in our decision making to prevent looping and move toward cycling.
    Your gonna say meditation arent you?

  2. Cycle means is reapeated thing or process with the same outcome.

    Loops means your moving in branches, routing or direction but still you will arive in the same place. Or common return.

  3. yo jo
    so nice to get a vid from you so soon after the last ones
    im english born in france and i wanted to contact you about translating your series,espescialy number 12 as a resumé of drunvalo’s work to ready people to the awakening of the illuminared heart workshops…
    also wanted to invite you to south of france when ever you want
    you’ve changed and helped change my life in so many ways
    i thank you from my tiny space of the heart for everything
    and,i would like to be able to wide spread your work aswell as developing my own
    hope to talk to you soon man
    in love, light, and the good of all
    bonkers for life going to jesus mode
    much love

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