Question Everything ~ What’s the difference between the higher self and the ego?

What are these bizarre and estranged things we call the higher mind and the ego, and can we talk about it in a way that actually makes sense, rather than some airy-fairy nonsense?

Btw, i like asking questions too, so here are some questions for you –
1 – Who are you?
2 – What do you hope to get out of these videos?
3 – How can I help you get it?


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Special thanks to Patty Yuniverse for sharing the same frustration as me, and turning it into lols!
Shit New Age Girls Say


12 thoughts on “Question Everything ~ What’s the difference between the higher self and the ego?”

  1. I only have one *extremely* important question:

    What was it like to eat a spoonful of sour cream? It didn’t seem to be premeditated… xD

  2. I find the Ego is more like an operating system on a computer. This operating system is very simple. It is just a perspective of “Me, not Me”.
    All the programs you speak of are what we installed for all the reasons you mentioned. They can only run on an operating system with a perspective of “Me, not Me”.
    An operating system based on LOVE (ALL IS ME) will not run those programs designed for Ego. We are capable of running more than one operating system in this life. However, the more we run LOVE the weaker and less useful we come to see Ego.
    There is no need to give up Ego while being Human. However, the more one experiences the many more things LOVE is capable of the less one chooses to use the “Ego Operating System”.
    What do you think of this perspective?

  3. Amazing how differently we can use concepts as MIND and EGO.
    And how differently we can answer on question “who I am”

    So i would like to propose one big chart of concepts at particular sequence, so that all meaning behind the words could be clarified. That means – making kinda “new old”, “universal” language. Of course there is Patanjali Yoga Sutras written in Sanskrit, but this information unfortunately still is not world wide knowledge. SO..
    This has been my dream for already few years to make that chart complete and afterwards available to view and to edit, for everyone..
    (so it would start with concepts: technology, technique, no-minding, minding, witness, 5 modifications of minding (right knowledge, wrong knowledge, imagination, sleep and memory).. etc.
    So i prefer Osho’s comments on Patanjali Yoga Sutras as basic setup. If this could happen, religions could be scientifically separated and all information about spiritual experiences united.

    That would be the next level for human verbal communication nowadays – to establish this new EnglishSanskrit just like there is SI system at physics.

    2) well, i would like to get more amazing information and so forth amazing experiences out of these videos.
    3) do you know something more or else about this united language idea?

  4. Hello community, such wonderful insight. In bookhermit’s comment he associated survival with ego and seemed to discount it’s necessity. Now I may be wrong and early in my remembering of truth, but my beliefs differ. Ego is as necessary to this existences as air is. Without either one we would not be having this experience. Ego is simply a tool, nothing more or nothing less. It is my belief that when the ego is perverted (due to fear of not having enough, losing what I have or never getting what I need) my natural instincts are perverted and I grab for more than I need and try to dominated or control you to calm my fears. I don’t believe my ego is evil or bad it is just trying to keep me safe as misguided as it is at times. See when I was little with no defenses I was hurt because of someone else’s perverted ego and I “wrote a program” to the best of my ability to protect me from that ever occurring again. So at the first sign of a threat it goes into protect mode. It doesn’t matter if the threat is valid or not and if I’m not mindful suffering happens. I believe it is my journey in this life to be conscious of my programs and rewrite as the experiences are triggered and revisited with truth as I know it at the time. I believe Teal refers to this as the shadow self. So as Jordon suggest when I experience fear I question why? Jordon here are my responses to your questions:
    1) spiritual being having a human experience
    2) I don’t hope -I know I get reminded of truth when I watch your videos
    3) keep posting them as inspiration guides you and when I feel lost lonely or in need of insight I will keep watching.

    Bless you all

  5. Ego is a social institution with no physical reality. The ego is simply your symbol of yourself.

    Alan Watts

  6. @9:48 when Jordan says sheepishly, “I did whatever”, I would like to suggest a word replacement for the word “whatever” to be exchanged with “whateverything!”. Whateverything, as compared to the indifference of whatever in reference to choice, allows for the open possibility of positive outcome, NO MATTER the choice enacted. For example, I enjoy both vanilla and strawberry ice cream very much. For me to choose between the two my response would be “Whateverything!” indicating that it doesn’t really matter which option I pick, I will be satisfied either way! I believe the term “whatever” has come to hold a generally dismissive or pessimistic tone and think that instead “whateverything” is a choice to actively MAKE any situation into the best possible one it could be.

    In the end, this is just a suggestion and is whateverything either way!


  7. Well said my friend. I love it. And by the way Jordan you rock and along with all of spirit science team. Much love to you guys . Namaste

  8. This video is a perfect example of how to explain things, just in general. Without all the “airy-fairy” statements, it makes for a much easier to digest bit of information. I would suggest that maybe spirit science can fill that creative, curved sort of message, but question everything is the straightforward information. That seems to make a perfect combination of Spirit and Science. You know,I have been thinking about making a video series about modern science as we know it now, and how it matches what people think in a spiritual context- many times a person will claim that “science proves x” part of spirituality, but don’t know why it does. What do you think?

  9. What i find particularly amazing about everything you share here on SS is not that they often give me new perspectives on my life, but that they close to ALWAYS, in one way or another, correspond with the thoughts and dilemmas that have been troubling (or should i say, helping me forward in life) the close time period before i notice the video/text.
    Just the last two days the thing that’s been heavily grinding my mind the most is how to balance out my personal preferences and my thoughts of how others will think of me.
    Because frankly, if i solely take my personal preferences (like clothing, to take a simple illustration) in consideration it will sooner or later result in me totally ignoring what i’m wearing at all.
    I’ll take an event i’ll probably never forget as example:

    I’ve been more or less addicted to synthetic cannabinoids, and by understandable reasons i once literally forgot what i was wearing when i went to school.
    I didn’t look “junky” at all, but rather like someone who had given picasso a bunch of clothes (of course each pice of “belonging to” completely different styles, if you would ask someone with any sence of fashion at all) and just waited for him to get a psychosis and raffle together a set of garments.
    This resulted in EVERY person on the streets turning their heads, and sometimes even say out loudly to each other “look over there, they don’t really care at all, do they…”.
    That, amongst a tonne of other events of course, but that one being the most horrible and embarrassing of them all, completely made me quit drugs.

    Of course this was an exaggeration of my point, but of course i’m aware that the first impression will heavily affect my possibilities to meet others, the clothes really being the firstfirstfirst impression, and as you say we all really want to be accepted and wanted by others.

    Gwaaaah i’m analyzing everything way too much…….

  10. Love what you’ve said about ego. I think the way I’d express it is that ego is our program for survival in a body as a living human being – i.e. we literally could not survive without it. But at the same time, we are also spirit, and in that aspect, have no need of programs intended to promote survival in the human body beyond the point that our human body is serving our spiritual purpose.

  11. This is Matt.
    Regarding your three questions.
    1.Who Am I? I am Matin A. I am a man with potential. I love everyone.
    2. What am I hoping to get out of these videos? I am hoping to find friends I can trust, and I have succeeded. Though we probably won’t be speaking face to face, you are still one of the best friends a guy can have.
    3. You can help me get it by continuing to make more videos. If I may, America is collapsing and many political powers are causing destruction. Please make a video regarding what to do as a community while all this is happening.

    Above all, please visit Canada! This place is beautiful! especially British Columbia because it’s a rainforest! Come man.

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