Question Everything ~ Is Spirit Science a Religion?

One of the most asked questions i get is “Is Spirit Science a Religion?”

Despite my constant trying to answer this question, i’ve decided just to make a video about it and settle it once and for all!

This week I noticed an unnatural amount of people asking “is SS a religion? New Age? What the hell is it?”

In this video we talk about just that, It is whatever it is, and if you want to “define” it, you can do that for yourself. I don’t think true emotions and ideas and feelings can really be given words because the meanings of words are constantly interpreted differently by everyone.

Some things must be felt to be understood.

I want to especially thank my dear friend Ray for joining me on todays video, the video turned out great and it wouldn’t be the same without him! Who knows, i might just pull him back next week too.

Finally, it’s:

Panic to Freedom: Freedom Week!

As i shared at the end of this video, this week is Freedom Week! Since last week turned into “Panic Week” for us :P ¬†This page will be updated soon about Freedom Week! :)

8 thoughts on “Question Everything ~ Is Spirit Science a Religion?”

  1. Hey Jordan! I really liked this one. I’ve seen people posting claims that SS is a cult and this really needed to be addressed. I couldn’t have put it better myself. I also agree that society as a whole needs to get out of its own way.

  2. Hello! Panic Week worked good for me!! I really like the idea about us having each others backs and I really felt it!! I had an amazing week and i took every oportunity i could to be brave :) yay!
    Thank you, Love!!

  3. Hey Jordan, I have been following your art since you were on newgrounds and I love all that you do here for everybody. I would like to point you towards a site that connects amazing individuals such as yourself. It’s called The Resistance and you can check it out on
    It would be just perfect if you could come over and share some of your great stuff there also.

  4. I guess you have to question everything. When I discovered this, it was by accident, and I guess I got hooked. I am not sure if this is a religion, or a way of life, or a way to escape from the pressures of life. It depends on what you get out of it. I have got nothing but positive things out of it. For me, it is a life changing experience for me. Peace and Love to all of the Spirit Science crew and everyone else who logs in here.

  5. Sorry technical problems. So yeah I was watching conspiracy videos and the way these guys said it it was shocking to me to hear something like that was really going on and on one knows. il tell you guys I was paranoid for a while. And then I found spirit science the way you guy are the way you said it inspired me to get involve in my community in a way you guys changed my life for the good. I head thougts of becomeing rebel. But this SS I way better and it much better to meditate and breath every day. I was mad at the illuminati i was mad that they wanted to control me and simply chose not be controlled and to just simply be and enjoy life . IL tell you that I’m not perfect but this SS is a life changeling expiriance for me. And I only have one word to describe all you guys. Awesome

  6. Dear Jordan I have to be honest with you and the reason I found you guys is because I always wondered about the illuminati like I said my teacher from the 12 th grade exposed it to us and he said we the people have the power to erase them. At frist I was watching conspiracy vide

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