Freedom Interview – Elise Fougere (Pinkblitz!)

Todays Freedom Interview is with an amazing young woman named Elise, who recently put together an online magazine with her friend Lilly. She contacted us via Email a week or two ago and came from a genuine space of compassion and wanting to help share Panic to Freedom.

We thought it would be fun to 1up that offer and do an interview with her, to talk about Panic and Anxiety.

We don’t often like to admit it, but almost each and every one of us has anxiety in some way. Whether it’s what they often call “Anxiety Disorders” or we just get really frustrated with whatever we’re doing.

When we open up to that vulnerable side of ourselves and just say “Yeah…that’s real. Okay, so what’s going on, why do i feel this way?” we can very easily move past it and into a space that can grow from it.

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