Freedom Interview ~ Tyler Saunders (The Atlantis King!)

For those who have followed Spirit Science in the last year you may have caught wind of an extraordinary character known as the King of Atlantis!

Played by the handsome Tyler Saunders, the King of Atlantis is You, and the embodiment of all of the excitement, energy, freedom, love and kindness that exists in this world!

We hope you enjoy this fun and adventurous interview we take part in with our fellow Atlantean King, as we talk about Freedom, Panic, Anxiety, and understanding what is involved in overcoming it.

Because you too are the king of Atlantis, and we wish to see you Rise and become free!

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6 thoughts on “Freedom Interview ~ Tyler Saunders (The Atlantis King!)”

  1. Hi , hey, not be negative but I finally recovered from my hart brake illness. And I’ll tell you what I’ve learned, that we as a human race are very fragile and we tend to suffer because of that, but life goes on and things do get better a lot better. Right know I’m single but I’m happy that way for know because I’m finally over my hart brake and …special thanks to you . Atlantis king you are awesome thank you

  2. Wow..Loved it..It’s awesome..Thank you so much guys doing these interviews..It’s eye opening and mind illuminating..!
    Thank you so much!!

  3. Jordan, Ray and Tyler,

    I loved this interview and all the points it touched on. In the direction that my life is moving in, I have found myself in a place where i am scared and excited. I didn’t really understand how the two feelings could mix or what to make of them but now I’m even more determined to go forth with love and light and throw myself into this feeling and opportunity that has presented itself to me! So I thank you all for that. Tyler touched in the beginning of the video that …he didn’t have other people supporting his reality that he had to come up with that on his own, but what helped were friends on the same mission, and that through your friends you see the best person possible in them and yourself… Having someone to talk to, learn from and share about my conciousness and growth is something I
    haven’t yet had the opportunity to experience. What would you tell someone that is wanting to reach out and find people that are on a similar vibration? Or how they should go about finding those people? And also is it completely necessary to helping your spiritual growth?

    Lots of love.


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