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Freedom Interview – Elise Fougere (Pinkblitz!)

Todays Freedom Interview is with an amazing young woman named Elise, who recently put together an online magazine with her friend Lilly. She contacted us via Email a week or two ago and came from a genuine space of compassion and wanting to help share Panic to Freedom.

We thought it would be fun to 1up that offer and do an interview with her, to talk about Panic and Anxiety.

We don’t often like to admit it, but almost each and every one of us has anxiety in some way. Whether it’s what they often call “Anxiety Disorders” or we just get really frustrated with whatever we’re doing.

When we open up to that vulnerable side of ourselves and just say “Yeah…that’s real. Okay, so what’s going on, why do i feel this way?” we can very easily move past it and into a space that can grow from it.

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Question Everything ~ Is Spirit Science a Religion?

One of the most asked questions i get is “Is Spirit Science a Religion?”

Despite my constant trying to answer this question, i’ve decided just to make a video about it and settle it once and for all!

This week I noticed an unnatural amount of people asking “is SS a religion? New Age? What the hell is it?”

In this video we talk about just that, It is whatever it is, and if you want to “define” it, you can do that for yourself. I don’t think true emotions and ideas and feelings can really be given words because the meanings of words are constantly interpreted differently by everyone.

Some things must be felt to be understood.

I want to especially thank my dear friend Ray for joining me on todays video, the video turned out great and it wouldn’t be the same without him! Who knows, i might just pull him back next week too.

Finally, it’s:

Panic to Freedom: Freedom Week!

As i shared at the end of this video, this week is Freedom Week! Since last week turned into “Panic Week” for us :P  This page will be updated soon about Freedom Week! :)

Freedom Interview ~ Brian Piergrossi (PTF/Big Glow!)

It’s Panic to Freedom Launch Week! Click here for the full scoop! 

As a part of Launch Week for Panic to Freedom, todays Freedom Interview is with Panic to Freedom’s Co-Creator Brian Piergrossi!

Brian is the author of the Wow of Now, and The Big Glow, as well as the Founder of the Big Glow Retreats. His work has taken him across the globe doing conscious gatherings and meetups to explore higher consciousness, conscious education, and discovering spirituality.

In this interview, I ask Brian about his work on Panic to Freedom and some of the other things he’s working on, and enlightenment from shoulder touching… haha! (I still didn’t get it..)

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Freedom Interview ~ Elevate (Be Brave!)

This is the first in a collection of interviews by Panic to Freedom. This first interview is with the Elevate team as they’re working hard on their new project “Be Brave”, a full length movie telling a tale of Bravery, Trust, and Love.

This Week, we are doing a number of interviews talking with some really amazing people who are out there in the world, being fantastic and doing what they really love to do.

This is the paradigm shift. Do what you Love, and Love what you Do.

Everyone we are interviewing are people who have faced their own fears and stepped up to become a conscious creator, and we want to invite you to do the same. You are good enough, you are worth it. We love you, and we want to help. We can do this together, and it can be easy. We just need to take some baby steps, one foot at a time.

And so, no matter what it looks like for you – become who you are. Ask yourself some questions, what do you want? Who do you want to be? What will it take to get there?

And if you need some help, don’t be afraid to ask. Here, we made some interviews for you to help you out.
I really hope you enjoy it.

For Be Brave, you can check out their indiegogo page here:

Elevate Website

Mahanomi’s website


We hope you enjoy these videos! Were super excited for what’s to come :)
Jordan, Ray, and Brian

Panic to Freedom Launch Week!

Latest Video: Freedom Interview: Brian (The Big Glow/Panic to Freedom) – An Interview with Panic to Freedom’s own and beautiful co-creator Brian Piergrossi, author of the Big Glow and The Wow of Now!

Previous Video: Freedom Interview: Elevate (Be Brave) – An Interview with a fantastic crew of people going out in the world to make a documentary like no other.

For the past 2 months there have been sporadic postings through Spirit Science about a program called Panic to Freedom, with a number of “Principle” videos emerging explaining very simple methods of moving from Panic and into Freedom, from Anxiety and into Inner Peace.

Well, the entire program is just about done, and I’ve been working around the clock for the past few weeks with Ray (the awesome guy in the PTF videos) trying to get everything ready. Were nearing completion, and planning to launch the full program at the end of the week!

On top of that, i’ve started a new Q+A series (Inspired by Teal) which i’ve been talking about doing. It just so happens that the first question I got was very related TO panic to freedom, so here is a video for you going over what the 4 principles are.

What is Panic to Freedom?

Panic to Freedom is a full blown online training course for working with Anxiety, Panic Attacks, and even Depression. The program was inspired by Brian and Ray, who came together and shared some amazing conversations and ideas. In this, they realized they wanted to share this with everyone in a simple, concise way – and Panic to Freedom was born.

They then contacted me (Jordan), I was good friends with them from a number of Spirit Science gatherings we did, and said they were missing a key element of the whole program, the director, and that i was the perfect man for the job :)

I accepted, and the program manifested over the past 2 months, in between all sorts of other projects and on-goings.

Principle 1: The Breath and the Body

Stay tuned! I’m super excited to finally be able to share this with everyone :)

And don’t forget to check out the Panic to Freedom Website!

Lots of Love,



Principle 3 ~ Power of the Mind

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What are the ingredients of panic and anxiety? Is it possible to take those very same ingredients and make peace and freedom?

The simple answer is yes. The longer answer goes something like this:

Of course it does! Panic and Anxiety are causes with effects, and effects with causes. It happens in response to something, meaning there is something that is triggering the panic and anxiety to happen. In most cases, there is a LOT happening which causes a tremendous amount of Panic across the board, from relationships, money, work, and all kinds of variety of stresses with increase, and increase, and increase.

But you are very powerful, and with a nudge in the right direction, and a little help from your friends, you can take all of those ingredients of Panic and Anxiety and make them work for you. You can be the one in control, and you can change your world into something incredible. This is the 3rd Principle of moving from Panic to Freedom.

And here’s a link to principle 4.