Panic to Freedom Launch Week!

Latest Video: Freedom Interview: Brian (The Big Glow/Panic to Freedom) – An Interview with Panic to Freedom’s own and beautiful co-creator Brian Piergrossi, author of the Big Glow and The Wow of Now!

Previous Video: Freedom Interview: Elevate (Be Brave) – An Interview with a fantastic crew of people going out in the world to make a documentary like no other.

For the past 2 months there have been sporadic postings through Spirit Science about a program called Panic to Freedom, with a number of “Principle” videos emerging explaining very simple methods of moving from Panic and into Freedom, from Anxiety and into Inner Peace.

Well, the entire program is just about done, and I’ve been working around the clock for the past few weeks with Ray (the awesome guy in the PTF videos) trying to get everything ready. Were nearing completion, and planning to launch the full program at the end of the week!

On top of that, i’ve started a new Q+A series (Inspired by Teal) which i’ve been talking about doing. It just so happens that the first question I got was very related TO panic to freedom, so here is a video for you going over what the 4 principles are.

What is Panic to Freedom?

Panic to Freedom is a full blown online training course for working with Anxiety, Panic Attacks, and even Depression. The program was inspired by Brian and Ray, who came together and shared some amazing conversations and ideas. In this, they realized they wanted to share this with everyone in a simple, concise way – and Panic to Freedom was born.

They then contacted me (Jordan), I was good friends with them from a number of Spirit Science gatherings we did, and said they were missing a key element of the whole program, the director, and that i was the perfect man for the job :)

I accepted, and the program manifested over the past 2 months, in between all sorts of other projects and on-goings.

Principle 1: The Breath and the Body

Stay tuned! I’m super excited to finally be able to share this with everyone :)

And don’t forget to check out the Panic to Freedom Website!

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6 thoughts on “Panic to Freedom Launch Week!”

  1. Hi, I love spirit science and everything about it. I also want to travel the world and help people. I want to see the world and everything it has to offer with my own eye, but I’m kind of lost right now on my future plans. You see, I’m a high schooler in grade 9 and I don’t know want I want to do in life. If I try to think about what I want to do all I can think of is helping people and traveling the world. Can you help me?

  2. I love the background music and i will do that. Breath deep and SMILE…. :) Smile whoever is reading this and let peace come in to you. And i hope that one day i will be like all the grown ups in the world that meditates. Wish me luck on my new journey.

  3. Great stuff, Jordan. Scary how much you look like I did at your age, though (even the exact eye color!). Also loved the “Anywhere is” music in the background- had to go look it up and listen to the whole song.

    Also, the whole process of overcoming fear is what our culture needs more than anything right now. If somehow the population can change from driven by fear to driven by freedom and each person’s free will, then our transcendence of the old paradigm can happen very quickly.

    As the old culture is replaced, though, it will try to create fear of change, so this program is just what is needed to keep us on course. (In my opinion)- The social changes coming soon are likely to be very messy and disruptive, and people will have to embrace change to see all the hope and opportunities that will be opening up.

    Be ready to let go of your anchors, friends, for that is the way to fly.

  4. First off, thank you to all the creators and participants of spirit science for being you and sharing you with the world. I want to put the question of how to figure out what it is that one truly wants? I have tried so many directions and have many experiences but the simple fact that I still am not settled leads me to the conclusion I still have no idea what I want…bleh… so at year 29 I am picking myself up by the boot straps once more and searching for a new direction…

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