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Tying It Together: Ego, Souls, Karma, Twin Flames, Separation & Unification

 So when you’re looking at the big picture of spirituality, how do concepts like ego, ego reactions, souls, karma, twin flames, separation and unification all tie up?

Your emotional response in any situation is your ego.


An ego REACTION is one of the following family of emotions: guilt, anger, doubt, fear, shame, vulnerability, possessiveness, humiliation, embarrassment, resistance, envy, competition, awe, admiration, etc, etc.

An ego reaction is any EMOTION that makes you feel inferior or superior to the person in front of you.

Ego is the mechanism of creation: it allows us to take soul energy and break it into smaller, but complete, pieces, known as souls.

Ego is the idea that your little holographic fragment of soul is a complete identity. Continue reading

5 Plants Proven To Bring You Health, Wealth and Happiness in Life

The benefits of surrounding yourself in nature are far stretching and well documented, playing a huge role in calming the body as well as focusing the mind. Nature should be introduced into as many aspects of your life as possible.

However, living in the middle of a large city, especially in an apartment with little to no outdoor space, you could find bringing more nature into your space quite a challenge. The solution? Plants.shutterstock_362623601

By looking for plants that will thrive even when kept indoors, you will experience a wide array of spiritual benefits, alongside the more immediate health benefits such as air purification and microbe filtration.

On top of this, different plants have their own little quirks such as their scent or care routine, which contribute in unique ways to the prosperity of your home and your spirit.

So what are some of these advantages, and which plants should you fill your home with immediately?


This plant, thought to originate in China, is not only very easy to take care of, but grows pretty quickly so you can have a thriving green area in your home in barely any time at all. Continue reading

A New Scientific Study Suggests The Zika Virus Is Being Caused By Pesticides

By now you’ve probably heard of the Zika virus in some way or another. Many people have their own opinions about it’s origins and the controversy surrounding it. The point of this article is to present information objectively so you can form your own opinions. Stay open minded, get all the viewpoints and perspectives before making concrete decisions.

This virus has created major concerns among young couples and families, and after the World Health Organization declared a state of emergency on the virus, it seems there needs to be some deeper investigating. 

They have even gone so far as to recommend that we not to travel to these tropical regions, and if you live anywhere near these regions, which do reach all the way up into the southern United States, that you should put off having children till at least 2018.

New England Journal of Medicine Casts Doubts on Zika Being the Culpritshutterstock_368308832

The epidemic in Brazil where children are being born with microcephaly has created a mystery around itself. If Zika is, in fact, the culprit then why are we not getting the same epidemic in other countries that are also seeing the virus?

In Brazil, the rate of microcephaly has jumped all the way to 1,500. However, in nearby Colombia where they have found almost 12,000 cases of pregnant women with the Zika virus they have not had a single child born with microcephaly. Continue reading

The Risks of Using Foil: Why You Shouldn’t Wrap Your Food In Aluminum Foil

If you are baking or grilling your food and tend to wrap it in Aluminum Foil then you are going to want to check this out!

Aluminum may seem like a nice way to hold your food together and keep the juices in while cooking but did you know that aluminum can actually leach into your meal?


This means that you are eating your dinner with an essence of aluminum which can make you toxic quick.

I know what you’re thinking… So what if I can’t taste it? Well having more aluminum in your body is actually not very good for your health and I’ll tell you why…

While aluminum cookware has moved in to replace the traditional copper pots and pans it doesn’t have the same effect on your food that aluminum foil does.

When you take aluminum foil and bake you acidic or spicy food in the oven at high temperatures then you can create some health concerns for yourself.

Aluminium and Your Health

Our bodies are used to coming in contact with aluminum. In fact, it’s in corn, salt, spices, tea, and herbs so having it around isn’t the problem.

shutterstock_127106498The World Health Organisation found that we are alright if we have around 40mg of aluminum per kilogram we weigh each day. So if you weigh around 130 pounds then you can have up to 2400 mg per day and your body will be able to excrete it without too much trouble. Continue reading

5 Anti-inflammatory Teas and Smoothies That Relieve Pain

“Chronic inflammation is known to be a contributor to many common Western diseases.” – Kris Gunnars,

Stress, Inflammation & Disease:

With the current lifestyle many of us have become accustomed to, stress is not uncommon. Busy jobs, technology, environmental factors, relationships, feelings of uncertainty, can all trigger stress. But did you know that chronic stress can reduce your body’s ability to manage its inflammatory response?

People in chronic stress become prone to inflammation and so many associated health conditions and diseases. The good news is that in this article, we tell you about 5 easy-to-make anti-inflammatory drinks to reduce inflammation. Short-term inflammation helps the body, but sometimes inflammation is chronic inflammation, and that’s the type we want to focus on healing.

Ginger Tea:

The anti-inflammatory ingredient in this recipe is ginger, which has medicinal properties similar to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.  Studies show that ginger can help prevent colon cancer by reducing inflammation. Here is a very simple ginger tea to sip while enjoying the relaxation benefits of chamomile.


5 Natural Superfoods With Anti-Cancer Properties

If you’ve lived long enough on this earth, you’ve probably known at least one person who has been affected by cancer. For me, I have multiple relatives who have experience with cancer, and my grandfather, as well as one uncle, passed away from it.

Cancer is tough to deal with, for both the person whose body it lives in, and their loved ones. With cancer becoming so common, it’s a good idea to make lifestyle changes to decrease the risk of cancer. Here are 3 promising natural ingredients which can play a role in keeping human bodies cancer-free!

  1. Dandelion Root Extract is scoring big in anti-cancer research. While many people swore by its positive effects since long before, now scientists are beginning to unveil its anti-cancer secrets for themselves. It’s wonderful to see the scientific community beginning to realize the true value of natural substances in healing diseases, slowly taking away the dogma of conventional medicine over more nature-based options.shutterstock_288971546

So what did they find? They found that dandelion root extract contains these phytochemicals called Taraxasterol and Beta-sitosterol. These natural compounds have a strong impact in preventing and treating cancer. They also help prevent tumors, and the spreading of cancer.

Dandelion root extract is most helpful in preventing colon cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, uterine cancer, liver cancer, leukemia and lung cancer. It’s amazing that dandelion root extract is able to do that with no real side-effects. For example, a recent study shows that dandelion root extract can target melanoma cells without harming the innocent cells nearby. Continue reading