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The Risks of Using Foil: Why You Shouldn’t Wrap Your Food In Aluminum Foil

If you are baking or grilling your food and tend to wrap it in Aluminum Foil then you are going to want to check this out!

Aluminum may seem like a nice way to hold your food together and keep the juices in while cooking but did you know that aluminum can actually leach into your meal?


This means that you are eating your dinner with an essence of aluminum which can make you toxic quick.

I know what you’re thinking… So what if I can’t taste it? Well having more aluminum in your body is actually not very good for your health and I’ll tell you why…

While aluminum cookware has moved in to replace the traditional copper pots and pans it doesn’t have the same effect on your food that aluminum foil does.

When you take aluminum foil and bake you acidic or spicy food in the oven at high temperatures then you can create some health concerns for yourself.

Aluminium and Your Health

Our bodies are used to coming in contact with aluminum. In fact, it’s in corn, salt, spices, tea, and herbs so having it around isn’t the problem.

shutterstock_127106498The World Health Organisation found that we are alright if we have around 40mg of aluminum per kilogram we weigh each day. So if you weigh around 130 pounds then you can have up to 2400 mg per day and your body will be able to excrete it without too much trouble. Continue reading