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A New Scientific Study Suggests The Zika Virus Is Being Caused By Pesticides

By now you’ve probably heard of the Zika virus in some way or another. Many people have their own opinions about it’s origins and the controversy surrounding it. The point of this article is to present information objectively so you can form your own opinions. Stay open minded, get all the viewpoints and perspectives before making concrete decisions.

This virus has created major concerns among young couples and families, and after the World Health Organization declared a state of emergency on the virus, it seems there needs to be some deeper investigating. 

They have even gone so far as to recommend that we not to travel to these tropical regions, and if you live anywhere near these regions, which do reach all the way up into the southern United States, that you should put off having children till at least 2018.

New England Journal of Medicine Casts Doubts on Zika Being the Culpritshutterstock_368308832

The epidemic in Brazil where children are being born with microcephaly has created a mystery around itself. If Zika is, in fact, the culprit then why are we not getting the same epidemic in other countries that are also seeing the virus?

In Brazil, the rate of microcephaly has jumped all the way to 1,500. However, in nearby Colombia where they have found almost 12,000 cases of pregnant women with the Zika virus they have not had a single child born with microcephaly. Continue reading