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3 Days of Light Festival!

What happens when thousands of high vibration, energetic beings from all over the planet come together to celebrate the beauty and power of CREATION?- 3dl

Three Days of Light is a festival taking place in Asheville, North Carolina from November 2nd through 4th. It is open to all, and a very conscious oriented gathering. This is not a huge party (although it is a party), it is a gathering of love~ Where people from all across the country will gather together to co-create a beautiful shared experience of learning, art, music, dance, meditation, and healing. And we invite you to come and share this experience with us!

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More information can be learned at

Spirit Science is going to be co-creating a space at this gathering, with a theater, a stage, and 2 lounge rooms to do with what we please.

We are very excited to see you there!!

3 Days of Light Poster

Gnarnia Festival!

Spirit Science Newsletter ~ August 6th/2012

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Spirit Science at Gnarnia

Spirit Science is going to be at Gnarnia, showcasing videos, crystals, and good vibes! If you’re in the North Carolina area next week, come to Gnarnia on a Ski Resort and lets all hang out :) This festival has an AMAZING line up of musicians, artists, and workshops, this is one event you wont want to miss out on.

Spirit Science is connecting with Vision Labs to show Spirit Science at the followig times:

 1-4 Thursday
4-7 Friday
1-4 Saturday

We will also be set up with a Crystal Booth to share some more stuff, and have a TV running Spirit Science all the time :) Vision Labs will also be  showing Thrive, and DMT – The Spirit Molecule as well.

You can learn more about Gnarnia on their website here. –


Bhakti Bliss – A Spirit Science Gathering and Retreat

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The Art of Nikki Drumm is now available on the Spirit Science Print Store! Here’s a sample, click here to check it out!


The newest Spirit Science lesson is out, where we take a look at a deeper perspective behind what the Flower of Life really is. Check it out now!

The video is also on Newgrounds, which you can see here.


Ad Space Available

Interested in Advertising on the site? Shoot an email to [email protected], and make us an offer!

We look forward to hearing from you.

Bhakti Bliss – A Spirit Science Gathering and Retreat

Recently, we did a Spirit Science Gathering in Asheville, NC. We had such a beautiful time, we want to do it again. Thus, today we announce:

BHAKTI BLISS: A peaceful gathering for the Body, Mind, Heart & Soul.

A healing weekend filled with Synergy, Serenity & Synchronicity in Asheville, North Carolina, September 21st.

– Consciousness-Oriented Workshops by the Spirit Science Council
– Spirit Science Live with Jordan Spiritpatch
– Ask Teal Live with Teal Scott
– The Atlantis King Dojo
– Fire Performances and belly dancing
– Free Organic Vegan Food (all meals provided)
– Kangen H20
– Collective Guided Meditation
– Multiple Yoga Choices
– Inspired Kirtan Experiences

Featuring Live Performances by:
– Space Medicine
– A Ghost Like Me
– Sangita Devi
– Kristin Luna Ray & more


This is an all-inclusive retreat with music & celebration, education & fellowship.

Families & Children are Welcome.

Purchasing Tickets:

The Bliss Space will allow Seventy-Seven tickets to go on sale on Monday, July 30th. Tickets will allow admission for the entire weekend experience. PayPal will be available on Monday, 7/30.

Tickets are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Tier 1 – $77 on sale 7/30/12
Tier 2 – $88 on sale 8/12/12
Tier 3 – $99 on sale 8/25/12
Tier 4 – $111 on sale 9/7/12


Tickets are currently 111$
If you buy a ticket, we need to ask that you find Jordan David on Facebook, (or email him at [email protected], with the title “Bhakti Bliss Gathering”) and we will invite you into the group. if you do not add us, we cannot connect you with the information as to the hidden wherabouts of the super secret awesome gathering :) 

You can also buy the tickets on EventBrite, if Paypal doesn’t work for you.

Please arrive for check-in between 2-5PM Friday, September 21st.

Tickets include:
– All music
– All festivities
– All organic vegan meals served from THE CHAKRA CAFE
– Admission to all classes & workshops
– Camping

Guidelines for the Weekend:
– NO drugs or alcohol!!!! (We Mean This!)
– Smoking is only allowed in designated areas; all butts are to be deposited in receptacles.
– NO Animals (We Mean This Too!!!!)
– These are sacred grounds — please give them care & clean up anything that does not belong.
– Carpooling is a must. Tent sharing encouraged. Parking and camping space is Limited!

Secret Sanctuary ~ A Spirit Science Retreat!

Were doing a Spirit Science retreat in Asheville, NC from June 15 to June 17th. It’s going to be a beautiful weekend with lots of love, sharing, caring, learning, and conscious explosions! Were really doing a lot to make it one of the most beautiful events you’ve ever been to, so if you’re in the area please try and make it! All of the information is on the Facebook page, we look forward to seeing you there!

Click here to learn more!

Now, this is a smaller event we are holding, we are looking to do it with 77 people, although there are currently only about 10-20 or so who have bought tickets. We’ve also made arrangements to have a food supply and private resort area, and so the tickets cost 77$. It’s quite fitting though :D Were going to have an awesome time!


Spirit Science LA Gathering

Hello wonderfull people! Lets have an LA gathering before the light council leaves california! we love you and want to hang out and talk about the universe. We shall be uniting on April 4th at noon on VENICE BEACH! Come and be happy and merry and learn and teach and grow and laugh and share and maybe even cry if it suits you!

Time – 12pm to 3pm

Place – Venice Beach, probably by the skatepark?


Make sure you join up on the facebook page HERE!