Bhakti Bliss – A Spirit Science Gathering and Retreat

Recently, we did a Spirit Science Gathering in Asheville, NC. We had such a beautiful time, we want to do it again. Thus, today we announce:

BHAKTI BLISS: A peaceful gathering for the Body, Mind, Heart & Soul.

A healing weekend filled with Synergy, Serenity & Synchronicity in Asheville, North Carolina, September 21st.

– Consciousness-Oriented Workshops by the Spirit Science Council
– Spirit Science Live with Jordan Spiritpatch
– Ask Teal Live with Teal Scott
– The Atlantis King Dojo
– Fire Performances and belly dancing
– Free Organic Vegan Food (all meals provided)
– Kangen H20
– Collective Guided Meditation
– Multiple Yoga Choices
– Inspired Kirtan Experiences

Featuring Live Performances by:
– Space Medicine
– A Ghost Like Me
– Sangita Devi
– Kristin Luna Ray & more


This is an all-inclusive retreat with music & celebration, education & fellowship.

Families & Children are Welcome.

Purchasing Tickets:

The Bliss Space will allow Seventy-Seven tickets to go on sale on Monday, July 30th. Tickets will allow admission for the entire weekend experience. PayPal will be available on Monday, 7/30.

Tickets are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Tier 1 – $77 on sale 7/30/12
Tier 2 – $88 on sale 8/12/12
Tier 3 – $99 on sale 8/25/12
Tier 4 – $111 on sale 9/7/12


Tickets are currently 111$
If you buy a ticket, we need to ask that you find Jordan David on Facebook, (or email him at [email protected], with the title “Bhakti Bliss Gathering”) and we will invite you into the group. if you do not add us, we cannot connect you with the information as to the hidden wherabouts of the super secret awesome gathering :) 

You can also buy the tickets on EventBrite, if Paypal doesn’t work for you.

Please arrive for check-in between 2-5PM Friday, September 21st.

Tickets include:
– All music
– All festivities
– All organic vegan meals served from THE CHAKRA CAFE
– Admission to all classes & workshops
– Camping

Guidelines for the Weekend:
– NO drugs or alcohol!!!! (We Mean This!)
– Smoking is only allowed in designated areas; all butts are to be deposited in receptacles.
– NO Animals (We Mean This Too!!!!)
– These are sacred grounds — please give them care & clean up anything that does not belong.
– Carpooling is a must. Tent sharing encouraged. Parking and camping space is Limited!

9 thoughts on “Bhakti Bliss – A Spirit Science Gathering and Retreat”

  1. Please please please do this again? However I look foward to the 3 days of light festival next week, love and light! Hope to see everyone there!

  2. it is an amazing time for all who wish to make and just can’t. I would put some monies aside a dollar a day until the next one…these are epic events and I wish more could come out. I am fortunate to be only five hours away. It is an adventure a fusion of divine love. I can’t wait to do it all again :-)

    1. Like stupid drugs that are not perscription medication and things that damage to your health like alcohol, meth, or unneeded compressed-gas dusters that people might breath in secretly. Their is more info about these type of drugs on wikipedia or other reliable sorces, or your old health book/notes from health class.

  3. I was curious if yall needed any fire spinners for this event! I have 2 years experience and I can use fire poi, fans, hoop and staff, although I only own poi and fans. Please contact me and let me know if I can help!! (Maybe for the price for admission? :) Its hard for me to come across money, I usually spin on a street corner for small change.. But Im willing to come up with whatever I can for this event!!)
    My email is [email protected].
    Looking forward to your response!! Namaste.

  4. It is amazing. I just finished “Ask Teal” and the spirit science and “Patch Parables series; and I started on The Atlantis King this morning. I thought to myself;

    Wow. It would be really cool to meet these guys. Swordfighting and spiritual phylosophical conversations! Right on! I literally thought it would be amazing to go on a woodlands advenure or something.

    And then I found this a few hours earlier. If only you were a little bit closer to NY! I really wish that I could go and support you guys, but know that I will be there in spirit~


    1. there are people coming from all over…please don’t let transportation be a barrier….Visualize make it happen in your mind first.

  5. i was wondering where one would go about finding events like this in their area is there a website with like a list? this sounds like a wonderful idea! i wont be able to make this one but may some other time.

  6. This sounds amazing! I really wish I could make it to North Carolina. Do you have anything planned for Northern California in the future? I would love to attend something like this.


    Richard M.

  7. I will do all I can to be in attendance to this wonderful gathering. To be able to meet the people that have in part rebirthed me on my spiritual path and helped me find direction, would be the greatest honor. I hope that we can all learn from each other and share the experiences we have in the Life on our path to 46&2. Thank you all for being such an integral part of my progression.

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