Spirit Science ~ Meaning

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Over the next several weeks, were going to open up the mailbag and answer frequently asked questions that I get in the Spirit Science inbox. Granted, there’s a lot of questions, and I can’t be expected to answer all of them. I do want to tackle the big ones though, so that is what i strive to do over the next few weeks.

Stay tuned to Spirit Science in the next few weeks, there’s a lot happening and we have lots to talk about!

5 thoughts on “Spirit Science ~ Meaning”

  1. I really feel tuned with this video. We put meaning to our actions. The importance is to choose wisely which will be our goals. To meditate what can really bring us happiness.
    I had a discussion with my very rich brother in law about it. He chose that money is the most important thing for him. I did not try to convince him. I just state that mine is to be always surrounded and share with the people I love. Maybe I might need some money for that, but that is not my real goal.

  2. I only just discovered Spirit Science a few days ago when I recieved a USB from my brother with all of your series on a it. I have a had it playing ever since, you could say I have become obsessed! ha ha! I have always been interested in this type of thing, but I’m not much of a reader so watching a cartoon is the best way for me to take it all in. Im excited about watching more of your work. What a fantastic job you are doing, well done and keep up the good work! Im sure there are many others who appreciate it as much as I do :)

    1. I agree and I hope that the questions that you answer in the upcoming videos can help not only me but, everyone that watches and everyone that tells anther person about what your guys are all about

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