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Come to the Spirit Science Boulder Gathering!

Hey there! This is a quick shout out to anyone in the Boulder/Denver area of Colorado, or anywhere nearby! Were having a Starseed gathering and inviting everyone who’s available to come out! Now, there is a limit to our space with about 44 people, however if anybody in Boulder knows about a bigger space that we could use, send an email to [email protected]


This is the event page on facebook we just set up! Potentially see you soon :)


Namaste, all!

Jordan and the Council of Light

Bhakti Bliss – See you soon ;)

Hey there,
Thank you for buying tickets for Bhakti Bliss! All of the proceeds go towards making it the most enlightening and wonderful weekend ever! Were really excited to have you there.

We have a private gathering page on facebook where we can all get to know each other before the event. If you’re on Facebook, we will add you to the page and join in the community! If you haven’t been invited within a day or 2 of buying your ticket, send an message to Forest Sage on facebook. Forest is our friend who is helping put together the gathering, and he’s very awesome :)

Namaste, and thank you so much for being you,

Jordan Spiritpatch

Zenergy 11-11 Video!

Zenergy is a spiritual gathering and celebration of life. This year on 11-11, the gathering was held at Star Doves Nest in Asheville NC. It was absolutely magical!

To learn more about upcoming gatherings, join the Evolver Network, and also check out Trinity, an upcoming merging of 3 gatherings in March!

Trinity –
Evolver –