Spirit Science LA Gathering

Hello wonderfull people! Lets have an LA gathering before the light council leaves california! we love you and want to hang out and talk about the universe. We shall be uniting on April 4th at noon on VENICE BEACH! Come and be happy and merry and learn and teach and grow and laugh and share and maybe even cry if it suits you!

Time – 12pm to 3pm

Place – Venice Beach, probably by the skatepark?


Make sure you join up on the facebook page HERE! 

2 thoughts on “Spirit Science LA Gathering”

  1. When is the next Spirit Science gathering? I have never been to one and I am new to this site. Please let me know when and where the next one is.

    1. It’s in Asheville, next month on the equinox! Check out “Bhakti Bliss”, there’s a link on the side bar of the site in the box, bottom right.

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