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Ancient Tomorrow is a documentary by our friends JJ Yosh and Ramone Govea! We wanted to share with you what they are working on! :D


Ancient Tomorrow is a 2-hour documentary that follows real investigators on an actual expedition around the world to investigate the mysteries surrounding ancient power plants that may be the key for tomorrow’s future.

What If We’re Not The First Civilization With Electricity?

10Rappelling down Fossil Falls

Over the last few decades, scientists and archaeologists have found evidence of electricity use at ancient sites around the world, from Egypt to South America, suggesting that these people were more technically advanced than our culture today.

Is it possible that ancient civilizations could have once harnessed electricity in a highly advanced, eco-friendly way? And if so, why has it been hidden for so long?

In a couple of months, my team and I will embark on an incredible adventure all over the world, where we will investigate the mysteries surrounding ancient power plants that have been kept secret for thousands of years.

20Exploring forbidden ruins

Join us as we go where no man has ever dared to go before – climbing the highest mountains, descending into the darkest caverns, diving into the murkiest waters, and even crossing into forbidden sites that have been mysteriously blacked out on Google Earth, in our search to find the truth.

It’s an experience like nothing else as we take our viewers on the journey of a lifetime to help us solve mankind’s greatest mystery.

What we find will change the way we think about history, our world, and our place in the Universe.

The Re-Discovery Begins,

JJ Yosh
Team Leader

Check out the website at


Posted by Jordan, with permission by JJ Yosh and Ramon Govea

3 thoughts on “Check this out! ~Ancient Tomorrow~”

  1. greetings Jordan!

    I agree with Livewithwonder to a degree, but for different reasons. No one can deny that there are technological rediscoveries soon to be disclosed from our “forgotten” past. This team of explorers/adventurers could very well have the purist of intentions and may very well be completely honest about their findings. HOWEVER… Due to the curious nature of humanity, it could lead to the proverbial opening of Pandora’s Box. No one really knows for sure what could possibly happen if these great mechanisms are restarted. We all hope they are a source of energy which could free us from fossil fuels but they could also rip open a door to another dimension or alternate reality allowing negative energies to proliferate our reality— and we all know that we have enough of those here already. Even if they are nothing but power plants for clean renewable energy they could also attract the wrong kind of attention away from our solar system. The fact is we just don’t know. And until we fully understand how these things operate I think it is best that they are left alone. Keep in mind that splitting the atom seemed like the thing to do before we learned the negative consequences. In hindsight, even Einstein wished he would have been a watchmaker rather than being responsible for the A-bomb…. I’ve always trusted my instincts as my gut feelings have never failed me. The thought of restarting the pyramids has my complete higher conscious screaming “BAD IDEA!”
    Humanity really needs to be careful with what it’s doing. We could quite possibly be staring down the barrel of a loaded shotgun, about to pull the trigger.

    1. I want to revisit what I posted. It seems like the guy who was complaining so far hasn’t given any concrete evidence of any problem, aside from saying that the investigation team is looking for money (duh). Until the guy actually brings up evidence, I’m at this point dismissing him as a donor with buyer’s remorse. If he was so concerned about “spreading the truth” he’d put forth a bigger effort to put some real info out there. I wasn’t even saying don’t trust them at all. My point was more of a “caution” kind of thing, be careful with these people. But judging from the very limited info I have, it just seems like the “investors” who have a problem with AT just have a problem because they haven’t done much yet, BUT you can’t do much without finances, so there’s the rub.

      Now Klikmaus, are you the same person who posted over on the AT forums? I wouldn’t worry too much about these people actually starting the pyramids up or whatever. I think the riddles and mysteries are so deep, that it would take a long time before we figured any of that out, assuming it is a power plant. Also, if the point of the expedition is to learn what the pyramids are for, then in my opinion the best way to prevent a potential doomsday scenario is to study it enough to figure that out. Either way, the study will reveal more truth.

      I don’t know that for sure of course. Who knows.

  2. Careful Jordan. How well do you know these people? It’s possible that they may be just trying to cash in on the new age thing. I went over to the forums and one of their donors was very dissatisfied, saying…

    jonathan.kingsley said Mar 19, 2012
    “It’s too bad that this team appears? to be lying to it’s investors. Which I have the right to say? because? I am one. Dishonest people seeking truth? Really? Be forewarned.

    We donated in and got nothing but trouble here… move along”

    He mentions on another forum how they keep censoring out his comments. The link is
    in case they censor that too. If they do censor what he writes, (and my response) we’ll know they aren’t as trustworthy as they appear.

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