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3 Days of Light Festival!

What happens when thousands of high vibration, energetic beings from all over the planet come together to celebrate the beauty and power of CREATION?- 3dl

Three Days of Light is a festival taking place in Asheville, North Carolina from November 2nd through 4th. It is open to all, and a very conscious oriented gathering. This is not a huge party (although it is a party), it is a gathering of love~ Where people from all across the country will gather together to co-create a beautiful shared experience of learning, art, music, dance, meditation, and healing. And we invite you to come and share this experience with us!

For ticket sales, please click here!

More information can be learned at http://www.3dlgathering.com/

Spirit Science is going to be co-creating a space at this gathering, with a theater, a stage, and 2 lounge rooms to do with what we please.

We are very excited to see you there!!

3 Days of Light Poster