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Kratom: The Plant That Nobody is Talking About, But Should Be

There is a conspiracy going on, I can feel it! Kratom, a plant which has remarkable attributes of its ability to treat opiate addiction, is being withheld and subjugated by the FBI.

It’s not actually “illegal”, mind you, it’s simply becoming impossible to obtain, and its likely the legal status of this incredibly useful plant will soon change.

Watch this video, it will explain everything!

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Would You Believe The Word “Electricity” Came From Amber?

Amber, it’s beautiful, its orange, and the ancients said it had remarkable properties!  I found some the other day, it still has its tree sap smell… There is simply nothing else like it!

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The ancient Greeks, Romans, and Phoenicians held it in very high esteem. They believed it to cure just about everything as well as to protect the wearer from all harm.

The Greeks were the first to make note of Amber’s ability to hold static electricity when rubbed, this is reflected in the name they gave it, elektron, the word ‘electricity’ is derived from this original term for amber. Due to it’s high esteem it was one of the most valuable trade items for most ancient European cultures.

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The Hidden Health Benefits of Tapioca

We have had tapioca flour in the pantry for months and I have no idea what it even was, or what to use it in. Never even gave it much thought, until someone requested that we do Tapioca for a Magical Thing, and my mind was blown! God I love learning!

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Tapioca is known usually as being a yummy pudding-like mixture, but it’s actually a gluten-free starch extract from the Cassava plant? The root of the plant is the useful part, which is where the tapioca starch comes from. This sweet tasting flesh should only be consumed after proper cooking. If not prepared correctly, it can be highly toxic.

Tapioca has many wonderful benefits including:
Healthy weight gain
Increased Circulation
Increased red blood cell count
Improved digestion
Protects against birth defects
Lowers cholesterol
Prevent diabetes
Improves metabolic activities
Protects bone mineral density
Prevents Alzheimer’s disease
Protects heart health,
And maintains fluid balance within the body.


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How to Connect With your Higher Self by Meditating with Moldavite

Moldavite is often described as an “Alien Crystal”, and for good reason, because it was created when a Meteorite crashed into the earth! It’s actually a glassy form of tektite, and the only translucent green tektite at that! It is also one of the most rarest crystals on the planet today!

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From a metaphysical perspective, Moldavite is a powerful Heart, Third Eye, and Crown Crystal, and can be used in Meditation to connect to your higher self and the Mind of God.

In doing this, you can receive insights into the deeper aspects of your life and come to understand yourself with a greater purpose and knowing! A lot of people also describe having profound astral experiences while meditating with Moldavite! What do you think? You’ll just have to try it and find out!


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Each Day of the Week and Their Planetary Origins

Have you ever thought about where the names for the days of the week came from? Turns out, each day is named after (and governed by) a planetary body. It’s generally simple to spot the ruler of the day by its name, but for the more difficult ones, you can see the relationships and how we got there by observing the names in different languages! Check this out!

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Monday, or Lunes in Spanish, is governed by the Moon. The Moon is called Luna in Latin. This is a great day for reflection, getting in touch with your feelings, and cleaning up your environment.

Tuesday, or Martes in Spanish, is governed by Mars. This is a day of energy, stamina, aggression, and achievement. It’s a great day for expressing your passion, getting exercise, and releasing pent up frustration and energy.

Wednesday, or Mecredi in french, is governed by Mercury. This is a day for study, wisdom, travel, and meditation. Mercury moves very quickly, and is the essence of consciousness represented by Hermes, Thoth, himself.

Thursday, related by the Norse God of Thunder, Thor, is the day governed by our largest planetary body: Jupiter. Jupiter in roman times was represented by Jove, the god of the Sky and Thunder. Today is a day for mercy and compassion. Donate to charity or something worthy of your care, and show your appreciation to someone’s  doing something great!

Friday is governed by the Planet Venus. Friday comes from Freya’s day, who much like the Greek Goddess Aphrodite, was all about female energy, love, beauty, and fertility. Today, appreciate the people in your life, go on a date, show your love, recognize the inherent beauty in everyone, and make some new friends!

Saturday is one of the more obvious ones, governed by the planet Saturn. Saturn was the Roman and Italic god of Agriculture. In astrology, Saturn is the task master, commanding us to get to work, and work hard and passionately. It is also related to Chronos, the god of Time, keeper of order and earthly limitation.

And Finally, and perhaps the most obvious – Sunday – the day that is governed by the Sun! Today is the day to give to God, meaning to your own healing and higher self. It is the day “God Rested” in the 7 days of creation. This is the day to take time for you and your family in an intimate, healing way. Take a nature walk, get in touch with Spirit, meditate.

By tapping into the celestial cycles and relationships from days to planets, we can begin to live our lives in alignment with the cogs of the universe all around us. Nothing happens by accident, everything is a part of a much bigger whole, and a much bigger flow than we can perceive.


To quote Hermes:

Few can escape their fate,
Or guard against the influence of the Zodiac –
For the stars are instruments of Destiny,
Which bring all things to pass in the world of Men

If, however,
The rational part of a mans soul
Is illuminated by a single ray of Atum’s (God’s) Light.
The workings of these gods is as nothing –
For all gods are powerless
Before the Supreme Light.

But such men are few.
Most are led and driven by the gods
Which govern earthly life,
Using our bodies
As the instruments of Destiny.
To my way of thinking, however,
It is our duty not to simply asquiesce in our human state,

But, through intense contemplation
Of divine things,
To detach ourselves
From our merely mortal nature.


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Reishi Mushrooms: The Mushrooms of Immortality

I only recently learned about Reishi Mushrooms thanks to a comment from you guys requesting we do an Everyday Magical Thing about it! After learning about it, I went out and got some myself, and we put it in smoothies on a regular basis! The basis behind this “Magical Thing” and what makes it so special is that it helps EVERY organ in your body function normally and nominally! It is because it helps prevent and stop oxidant damage on a body-wide scale to all of your cell membranes. Oxidant Damage is actually responsible for what we call “Aging”, and this is why they were known as the Mushrooms of Immortality.

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To learn more about Reishi Mushrooms, check this out!


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