How to Connect With your Higher Self by Meditating with Moldavite

Moldavite is often described as an “Alien Crystal”, and for good reason, because it was created when a Meteorite crashed into the earth! It’s actually a glassy form of tektite, and the only translucent green tektite at that! It is also one of the most rarest crystals on the planet today!

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From a metaphysical perspective, Moldavite is a powerful Heart, Third Eye, and Crown Crystal, and can be used in Meditation to connect to your higher self and the Mind of God.

In doing this, you can receive insights into the deeper aspects of your life and come to understand yourself with a greater purpose and knowing! A lot of people also describe having profound astral experiences while meditating with Moldavite! What do you think? You’ll just have to try it and find out!


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