The Hidden Health Benefits of Tapioca

We have had tapioca flour in the pantry for months and I have no idea what it even was, or what to use it in. Never even gave it much thought, until someone requested that we do Tapioca for a Magical Thing, and my mind was blown! God I love learning!

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Tapioca is known usually as being a yummy pudding-like mixture, but it’s actually a gluten-free starch extract from the Cassava plant? The root of the plant is the useful part, which is where the tapioca starch comes from. This sweet tasting flesh should only be consumed after proper cooking. If not prepared correctly, it can be highly toxic.

Tapioca has many wonderful benefits including:
Healthy weight gain
Increased Circulation
Increased red blood cell count
Improved digestion
Protects against birth defects
Lowers cholesterol
Prevent diabetes
Improves metabolic activities
Protects bone mineral density
Prevents Alzheimer’s disease
Protects heart health,
And maintains fluid balance within the body.


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