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The Incredible Benefits of Using Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is amazing!! It has such a range of uses.

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The Aloe vera plant has been used for centuries for its diverse healing properties. The usage of aloe dates all the way back to Ancient Egypt and earlier. Aloe is mostly made of water so it’s perfect for things like:

Burns, bug bites, scrapes, and blisters.

It’s also great for: Moisturizing skin and hair, soothing acidic stomachs, removing make up, and so much more.

Not to mention, it grows in a fibonacci spiral. So, you could say aloe vera is really.. MATHEMATICAL!

What do you use it for?

To learn more about Aloe, read this!
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The Amazing Properties of Magical Mushrooms

Magic Mushrooms are becoming a very popular topic of discussion both in the mainstream world and in scientific circles as of late, as it has been proven to have more than a few remarkable healing benefits to an individual, including assisting in the quitting of smoking, battling depression, and so much more. 

Here’s a video that summarizes it for you!

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The craziest point of all, to me, is that Magic Mushrooms is probably where Santa Claus came from. Yes: Santa Claus. If you didn’t watch the video above, (and it explains it pretty well), here’s the story:

Anthropologist John Rush believes Magic Mushrooms gave us Father Christmas. Siberian Shamans would hand out the psychedelic Amanita Muscaria mushroom every December. Often, the snow was so heavy they couldn’t use the door, and would climb down the chimney. The color of the mushroom matches the colors worn by Santa Claus, and the Spirit Animal of these Shamans are Reindeer.

-Source for that


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Lotus: The Ancient Symbol of Purity and So Much More!

The Lotus is a symbol of purity and spirituality, especially in buddhist and hindu traditions. Turns out, that’s only just the beginning! The biggest revelation for me, is that you can actually EAT it!

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The Lotus is regarded as a holy plant used only for the highest of spiritual purposes, a symbol of purity in Buddhist and Hindu traditions. For meditational purposes, you can place a Lotus or its roots around a statue of Buddha as a prayer for enlightenment. It also represents a communion with the heavens, and thus if you feel you have offended them through poor treatment of yourself, others, or the environment, you can offer a Lotus as a form of acknowledgement of your higher self, and of your actions and karma.

Lotus oil, the essence oil, is also said to decrease carnal urges. A candle anointed with Lotus Oil was also believed to help the deceased elevate their souls.

In modern science, Lotus has been discovered to:

Soothe your Stomach

Stop Diarrhea

Lower blood sugar and cholesterol

Relieve Inflammation

Get rid of Acne

Ease your period

Relieve coughing

And kills lung cancer cells.

You can Boil lotus roots for 10 minutes and eat them to receive a healthy dose of nutrients. It is actually a common ingredient in many asian dishes and can be prepared in practically every way.



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The Mystical World of Runes

Runes, or Old Norse, are letters of a runic alphabet that were used to write Germanic languages before the use of Latin. The earliest runic inscriptions date all the way back to 150 AD.  The first inscriptions found on actual artifacts still remain a mystery. These early runes were not only a writing system, but magical symbols for spells and charms. The name rune itself means “secret or something hidden”. Each alphabet has it’s own set of symbols and meanings.

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You can do a reading yourself! Get some runes, they can come craved into crystal or stone, or on ceramic tiles. Make a sacred space, lay down a cloth and concentrate on asking a question. You can either toss a few of the runes in the air or pull some out of a bag. Lay the runes out and look into their meanings in relation to your question. Runes can be a powerful tool of understanding and deep insight.

Much like Tarot, these are a pictographic representation of reality that provide insight through contemplation and thought, supporting your mind in bridging the gap between ideas that you didn’t before consider.


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Oils 101: The Practical Uses of Essential Oils

Essential Oils are such a delightful creation of the Cosmos. These oils can be procured from a great many things, almost every plant that can be pressed can produce an oil, from coconuts to hemp.

Now, start with this video, which will give you the primer, and then I’ll show you a list of even more things that you can do with these magical oils!

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Now… about that list. has done SUCH a good job of putting together a list for Essential Oils, that I really just have to refer you there.

Here’s the first few so you can see what I’m talking about!

1. All-purpose cleaner: Add three drops each of lemon oil and tea tree oil to a few ounces of warm water, then spray countertops to naturally disinfect.

2. Natural mosquito repellent: Combine one drop each of lemongrass oil, citronella oil and eucalyptus oil with one teaspoon of coconut oil to make natural bug spray and rub on exposed skin. Reapply as needed.

3. Sports gear: If your kids play sports, add two drops each of tea tree oil and lemon essential oil to one quart of warm water; next add four tablespoons of baking soda and mix. Use to clean ripe (!) jerseys, cleats and sports gear.

4. Clean air: Diffuse cinnamon essential oil in the air and enjoy its anti-microbial properties.

5. Reduce anxiety: Diffuse lavender essential oil around your home to reduce feelings of stress and tension.

To see the full list, 101 Essential Oil Uses & Benefits, click here! 

With love,
Jordan Pearce

Video by Spirit Studios