The Amazing Properties of Magical Mushrooms

Magic Mushrooms are becoming a very popular topic of discussion both in the mainstream world and in scientific circles as of late, as it has been proven to have more than a few remarkable healing benefits to an individual, including assisting in the quitting of smoking, battling depression, and so much more. 

Here’s a video that summarizes it for you!

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The craziest point of all, to me, is that Magic Mushrooms is probably where Santa Claus came from. Yes: Santa Claus. If you didn’t watch the video above, (and it explains it pretty well), here’s the story:

Anthropologist John Rush believes Magic Mushrooms gave us Father Christmas. Siberian Shamans would hand out the psychedelic Amanita Muscaria mushroom every December. Often, the snow was so heavy they couldn’t use the door, and would climb down the chimney. The color of the mushroom matches the colors worn by Santa Claus, and the Spirit Animal of these Shamans are Reindeer.

-Source for that


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