The Mystical World of Runes

Runes, or Old Norse, are letters of a runic alphabet that were used to write Germanic languages before the use of Latin. The earliest runic inscriptions date all the way back to 150 AD.  The first inscriptions found on actual artifacts still remain a mystery. These early runes were not only a writing system, but magical symbols for spells and charms. The name rune itself means “secret or something hidden”. Each alphabet has it’s own set of symbols and meanings.

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You can do a reading yourself! Get some runes, they can come craved into crystal or stone, or on ceramic tiles. Make a sacred space, lay down a cloth and concentrate on asking a question. You can either toss a few of the runes in the air or pull some out of a bag. Lay the runes out and look into their meanings in relation to your question. Runes can be a powerful tool of understanding and deep insight.

Much like Tarot, these are a pictographic representation of reality that provide insight through contemplation and thought, supporting your mind in bridging the gap between ideas that you didn’t before consider.


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