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6 Signs It’s Time To Focus On Your Own Well Being

Its rather easy to get caught up in “the system”, also known commonly as the matrix, and we kid you not… it will bring you down.

This is why we’ve put this list together. To expose some of the common traits that happens to people who live in urban jungle. Thank you for reading, we sincerely hope this is helpful!

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“The only thing you can take with you when you leave this world are the things you’ve packed inside your heart”- Susan Gale

It doesn’t take much to be a spiritual person. Being spiritual really just means putting the emotional and psychological needs of yourself and others, ahead of the material and physical qualities of the world.

shutterstock_316177406-300x200Being spiritual is about showing compassion and helping others versus a continuous self-serving rhetoric that puts others down, while it catapults you to the top. Being spiritual is about being selfless in material gain and selfish in soul progression. But, when we lose sight of this our energy turns towards these material illusions that can lead us down a path of greed, jealousy and envy all of which lower our vibrational energy.

Because the power of our thoughts are so potent, the energy that accompanies them then radiates from our being like sounds waves. Quite literally, what we think holds its own vibrational frequency and when we align ourselves to what is true to our soul, we find peace, acceptance and harmony in our existence.

6. You worry too much.

care-self-1000x600Worrying and over thinking stems from lack of trust. When we don’t trust ourselves it’s hard to trust the world around us. But really, it’s like slapping ourselves in the face. When we aren’t confident enough in ourselves to trust our path, we end up undervaluing our own existence. Which leads us to…

5. You undervalue yourself

The best way to describe your higher self in this circumstance is to think of yourself as a child with hopes, dreams, creativity and all of the confidence in the world. When we are young our worlds seem small, and yet our imaginations are ten times greater. When we grow older, our worlds have grown bigger and the opposite for our imaginations. Your higher self knows that you have purpose, your dreams are important and your mind matters. Don’t sell yourself short, you are just as valuable as the next. Thing big, dream bigger.

4. You hold onto things too long.

me1At the fabric of our being we find energy and energy is always in a constant state of vibration. That is to say, energy is always in a state of flux. So should we be. We can allow our minds time to process, this is healthy however, when we get stuck on things and can’t let go of them, they become weights that we carry around.

Not to get me wrong, I get it. Life can throw us some hard balls, and even more curve balls when we aren’t expecting it. Allow yourself time to process and time to feel. Feeling all of the emotions that we can really makes us feel alive. Embrace your sadness, celebrate your joys and then move on to the next.

3. You ignore your own needs.

It’s easy to get stuck in repetitive energetic cycles which do not serve our higher good. Whether it’s a lifestyle, a job, or a relationship, when we fall into these cycles we feel trapped, all the while knowing it was time to get out a long time ago. Usually at this point emotions begin to stir just below the surface as your inner voice is being neglected.

2. You drown out your inner voice

“Everyone who wills can hear their inner voice, it is within everyone”- Ghandi

alone-sad-girl-waiting-someone-broken-heartWe have all experienced intuition in the form of what we call an inner voice, but the degree of intensity will vary dependent upon the level of ones consciousness. Known as a flash of insight, this natural instinct can go unnoticed if someone has been ignoring it for too long. But when we trust our intuition it allows us to be more consciously aware of situations and activities in our life. Never be hasty, always take a moment to listen to yourself, trust yourself, trust your heart.

When we listen to our hearts, we are in tune with our intuition. This connection reveals the once hidden truths about ourselves, and our current situations in life, allowing us the opportunity to stay in touch with our subconscious mind; releasing us from limitations and removing aspects of the restrictive ego. This then leads to tremendous growth, creativity and an evolution of conscious awareness.

1. You are stuck in the past.

bellesprit.comThe only way to keep the past alive is to recycle the memory. When we recycle memories, we are unconsciously regenerating the old energy of these experiences, in order to “keep them alive” in our cells and when we do this, our ego then continues to feed off of the attachment. This repetitiveness causes our energetic body to become stagnant and stuck without forward progression.

When you release the past, you raise your vibration and the old energy will die off allowing for new more positive energy to flow through. New energy brings change and change always brings new opportunities for growth and harmony.

by LJ Vanier, Team Spirit!

The 3 Universal Truths That Will Blow Your Mind

“Karma is a dish best served cold”. I am sure you’ve heard this before, among other phrases. The word karma has become so common in our vocabulary that we seem to accept it as a normal functioning part of reality. For instance, when someone is rude to another and then immediately following walks into a pole, we don’t hesitate to point out that “they had what was coming to them”.

This is the understanding of day-to- day karma, as we have accepted. As every action has an equal and opposite reaction, we have adopted this understanding and called it karma, but this to me, is not the true meaning of karma.

3033077-inline-i-1-iris-scans-and-reincarnation-filmmaker-mike-cahill-spills-origins-story-for-i-originsNow, on the other hand there is a karma that many have adopted, that firmly rests upon the belief of reincarnation. As I am sure that many of you are well aware of this fact, I will keep it light. The basis of this doctrine to put it plainly, is that as we incarnate from lifetime to lifetime we gather “karma points” good and bad for past actions.

Each lifetime you live ,you will be paying off karmic deeds, as well as reaping the benefits of good karma (either in this lifetime or a previous) until all karma has been settled and you will no longer need to reincarnate.

Now I don’t know about you, but something just doesn’t sit right with me about all of this.

1. Guilt

What are the two best ways to control a population? Fear and Guilt.

When we insinuate that karma translates to deed, we instil an automatic emotional reaction which usually transgress as guilt or unworthiness. Karma, is not to be equated with guilt. Karma is to be equated with action.

I can’t help but refuse the idea that we are here on this earth until we finally “get it right”, or pay off some kind of debt. We are here to learn, to grow and to experience life as a soul incarnate, in the divine creation of human existence.  We are here because we choose to be here, no guilt, no strings attached.

So what is karma then?

shutterstock_291501230Recently, I was thinking. And in this thinking… I started thinking… about over thinking…. and had the realization that over thinking, while many understand is the “art of creating problems that were never there to begin with” I saw more clearly that lack of trust, was the true cause of creating problems that were never really there to begin with and that lack trust initiates over thinking, which becomes the sole “cause of action” or karma. Continue reading

Zen Garden – Genesis of Peace & Serenity

Have you ever seen a zen or Japanese rock garden? Did it bring you a sense of peace and serenity? The Japanese rock garden or “dry landscape” garden, often called a zen garden, generates a miniature stylized landscape by means of carefully composed arrangements of stones, water elements, moss, pruned trees along with bushes, and makes use of stones or even sand which can be raked in order to symbolize ripples in water. A zen garden is usually fairly tiny, enclosed by a wall, and is also commonly meant to be looked at whilst seated from a single point of view outside of the garden, such as the porch of the hojo, the residence of the chief monk from the temple or monastery. Classical zen gardens were made at temples of Zen Buddhism in Kyoto, Japan throughout the Muromachi Period. They were designed to imitate the meaningful substance connected with mother nature, not its true physical appearance, and to serve as an aid to meditation about the true meaning of life.

zen garden 2 cropped

Rock gardens existed around Japan at least since the Heian Period (784-1185). These early gardens were detailed inside the very first manual of Japanese gardens,  written at the conclusion of the 1200’s. They were largely copied from the Chinese gardens of the Song Dynasty (960-1279), where groups of rocks symbolized Mount Penglai, the legendary mountain-island home of the Eight Immortals in Chinese mythology, known in Japanese as Horai. The manual described precisely how rocks need to be placed. In one verse, was written: “In a place where there is neither a lake or a stream, one can put in place what is called a kare-sansui, or dry landscape…” This kind of garden featured either rocks placed upright like mountains, or laid out in a miniature landscape of hills and ravines, with few plants. He described several other styles of rock garden, which usually included a stream or pond, including the great river style, the mountain river style, and the marsh style. The ocean style featured rocks that appeared to have been eroded by waves, surrounded by a bank of white sand, like a beach. White sand and gravel had long been a feature of Japanese gardens. In the Shinto religion, it was used to symbolize purity, and was used around shrines, temples, and palaces. In zen gardens, it represents water, or, like the white space in Japanese paintings, emptiness and distance. They are places of meditation.

zen garden 3 cropped

A zen garden is without a doubt a sanctuary that can be placed in nearly any living space. Some zen gardens are massive creations that can consist of massive areas, while many are tiny desktop gardens that use up no more room than your notebook. It’s not difficult to create a constantly changing work of art that is visually pleasing with clean, flowing lines and carefully placed objects. Best of all, a small zen garden is incredibly inexpensive to create! It will also show your unique style of rocks and sand patterns. The selection and placement of rocks is the most important part of making a Japanese rock garden. Different types of rocks are used for creating different symbolic things like mountains, rivers or seashores.The act of raking the gravel into a pattern recalling waves or rippling water, known as samon has an aesthetic function. Zen priests practice this raking also to help their concentration.These gardens are conceived and created from the meditative inspiration of the gardener, and contemplating one is a doorway to meditation for the viewer. While no rule exists against including plants and water features, many gardens omit them entirely and construct the garden from rocks and gravel to evoke emptiness through abstraction.

zen garden 4 cropped

You don’t have to do a lot to keep your rock garden looking good. Sand and stones don’t degenerate or need food or water – so there is nothing you have to do there. Of course, you will have to care for whatever plants or trees are in your rock garden, but usually just a little water and plant food will suffice. Keep your rock garden free of debris and you’re good to go! This world can be busy and frantic – an individual should have just a little serenity. A Zen rock garden could be just the thing you need to help you relax and re-enter the world full of energy and vigor!


A Beginner’s Guide To Understanding Your Chakras

Chakras are energy points in specific places in the body that directly effect our being on multiple levels of existence. As the West comes to embrace Eastern philosophies and practices, chakras have become a topic of debate for many people.  The chakras govern physical and intangible aspects of ourselves. Noticing them not spinning in alignment will have physical and spiritual sypmtoms.

There are ways to nurture them directly, but by treating the symptoms you can realign the source. There are seven main chakras in the body and like most formations of the body, they can fix themselves to an extent.  The  more you practice with them and actively care for their maintenance, the better they will function. The chakras are normally visualized as spinning balls of energy located along the spine at specific junctions.

Even if you don’t subscribe to notions of spirituality attached to chakras, they are still a great way to group together and connect physical, mental and emotional aspects of your being. There are many ways to correct the alignment of chakras, according to many schools of thought and disciplines. You can also ‘free style’ it as your connection and awareness build. Chakras are immersed in every aspect of our being, so there are many ways to effect them.

From music, to ecstatic dance action and intent can harmonize and bring dis balance to your life. I’ve listed the major chakras in ascending order with general information on each. Keep in mind that chakra energy flows from the bottom upward. So you may see issues with your throat chakra but you need to make sure all the chakras preceding it are in line first. Keep your eye out for the intermediate guide, in which we’ll specifically diagnose unhealthy chakra symptoms and how to fix them. Keep in mind that a basic visualizing meditation can go a long way in fixing the chakras.

Root aka Muladhara

The lowest chakra, it is our grounding force, that which ties us to the present and affirms our connection to the planet. Beyond the intangible ability to emotionally ground oneself, the root chakra is a reflection of and the control center for the digestive, reproductive and immune system. Corrective actions include any lower core, squats and stomping your feet.

Location: Base of spine
Sense: Smell
Element: Earth
Stones: Black onyx, hematite, carnelian, garnet
Color: Red or black
Sound: Do
Musical Note: C

Sacral aka Svadisthana

This chakra is a reflection and controlling force for creative output, sexuality, ethics, interpersonal relationships and a sense of honor. Physically it is a reflection and controlling force  for the reproductive and urinary systems. Exercises for this chakra are pelvic thrusts and circular movements.

Location: Underneath the ribcage
Sense: Taste
Element: Water
Stones: Orange agate, Red jasper
Color: Orange
Sound: Re
Musical note: D

Solar Plexus aka Manipura

Manipura is a powerful factory of chakras. You channel and create your self-esteem and emotional control through this juncture.  Physically it monitors and regulates your metabolism, upper digestive track, and sympathetic nervous system. Methods for strengthening this chakra are twisting movements and hula hooping.

Location: Middle abdomen area
Sense: Sight
Element: Fire
Stones: Tiger’s eye. Citrine, yellow stones
Color: Yellow
Sound: Mi
Musical Note: E

Heart aka Anahata

Anahata regulates and reveals your confidence, empathy, familial love, forgiveness and relationships. If you’ve been having trouble loving yourself or expressing love to others this is the junction you want to mind. If you recongize the need for major healing, you’ll want to keep a close eye on Anahata. In the physical sense it governs circulation, the heart, immunity, and respiratory systems. To help balance this chakra try swimming, hugging and massage.

Location: Center of the chest
Sense: Touch
Element: Air
Stones: Jade, Rose quartz
Color: Green or pink
Sound: Fa
Musical note: F

Throat aka Vishudda

Vishudda is the focal point for honesty, communication, self expression, recognizing and expressing truth, and will power. This chakra is very commonly over used or ‘pushed too far’. While it gets out of alignment easily, it also corrects with simple steps.  In a physical sense, a healthy throat chakra will improve sore throats and Thyriod issues. People with addiction issues will want to take special care to keep Vishudda spinning correctly. Some ways to keep your throat chakra healthy is to scream, yell, laugh, and gargle salt water. You can also write a letter to yourself, or others. If you truthfully express yourself with compassion it will help re align Vishudda.

Location: Throat area of neck
Sense: Hearing
Element: Ether
Stones: Lapis lazuli, turquoise
Color: Sky blue
Sound: Sol
Musical note: G

Brow/Third Eye aka Ajna

Ajna is also referred to as the Third Eye, and is the gauge of mental health, intellectual processes, intuition, dreaming, and visualization.Spiritual and mental powers are believed to be housed here.The prominent physical aspects are the brain itself, the eyes, and central nervous system. Some ways to improve Ajna’s health are active or lucid dreaming and abstract visualization.

Location: Between the eyes
Sense: All the senses including psychic ability
Element: Light
Stones: Amethyst, Moonstone
Color: Purple
Sound: La
Musical Note: A

Crown aka Shasrara

The highest chakra, Shasrara is linked to and governs your spiritual awareness/health, along with connections to other people, the universe and a higher power. Before working on this chakra remember that energy flow from the bottom up. It is crucial to align your other chakras before working on this one. Physically it is tied in with the central nervous system and general well being. the balancing methods for this chakra include meditation, yoga,and productive thought.

Location: Top of head at the crown
Sense: All senses including consciousness
Element: Will
Stones: Moonstone, clear quartz, amethyst
Sound: Ti
Musical Note: B

9 Signs You Are Tapping Into Your Dormant Psychic Abilities

Psychic abilities do exist and these powers vary from person to person. Take two people that read minds and intentions. One of them may be using a extremely refined and disciplined version of the throat chakra. The other may have a over developed or at least well maintained pituitary gland. The variance in how people are able to reach supernatural goals makes it difficult to write a list of common guidelines. We feel confident about the list below. We hope that is affirmation will bring new perspective to you current experiments into the unknown.

You Experience Many HeadachesHeadaches-Migraines

One of the few drawbacks, this symptom can pass from the realm of annoying to painful and debilitating.

This symptom could develop for any number of reasons. It could ache in the same way an exercised muscle does. You may have subconsciously taken or mirrored from someone.

Whatever the reason drink some water, eat and meditate, in that order.

You Experience ‘The Roaring Of Silence’

This peculiar sensation is very unsettling the first couple of times you hear it. As your psychic abilities sharpen you will be able to ‘hear’ the world around you. You aren’t picking up specific thoughts, intentions or emotions. In lieu of the specific stimuli you feel the ‘weight’ of the presence of that information. This false silence is like the way your brain is protecting you from being flooded with psychic information.

Your Frequently Sought Out For Advice And Intuitive Perspective

People may come to you for all sorts of wants and needs. While people you know often come to you, strangers will as well. When approached  by strangers just do your best to not judge and actively listen. If they are opening up to you, this is a strong indication that they lack someone to talk to.

You Experience Extreme And Seemingly Random Sensations

Self-Compassion-Concord-MassachusettsExamples of this look can take on many varieties but one of them is temperature fluctuations localized to specific extremities (a cold left hand, or tingly right calf).

You may also feel a surge of energy, someone watching you and a burst of a strong emotion out of seemingly nowhere.

Feelings of something crawling on you, falling or even sudden spinning sensations can manifest as well.

This is you picking up on someone else’s ju-ju.

Varying Levels Of Precognition Are Common

You’ll be looking at a problem and it’ll feel like someone whispered the answer in your ear. The answer may not always be dead on but it’ll be fairly close. The sensation, like many of these examples, is hard to explain but it feels very similar to when your gut is trying to tell you something.

Without Verbal Communication, You Know Strangers Want

A person can walk into a room, a person you don’t know, and before that person says anything, you take on the feeling of a human mirror, You can feel what they feel and know their intentions. In cases where you already know the person, the feelings and process looks similar.

You Can See Auras

You may or may not be able to see distinctive shapes and colors streaming off a person.  It may appear as ripples or shimmers in the air. If you want to specifically develop this skill faster, we have an article geared towards your needs.

Naturally And Without Effort You Lucid Dream

You have naturally developed a refined and strong connection with your mental and spiritual aspects, allowing you to dream ‘better’. You can not only dream more vividly but also remember more of these details and intentions when you come back to the waking world.

Highly Empathic

This goes beyond feeling similar to what another person feels. It is far more intense in the vividness and clarity of what is felt.

You Experience Anxiety And Distinctive ‘Weirdness’ In Publiczen business people in forest

Large crowds and public spaces give you anxiety. You can feel the false silence we talked about earlier.

Also, the fact that you are experiencing these powers and spiritual breakthroughs, means that there are a handful of others in the crowd going through the same thing.

They could be projecting these feelings with out meaning to. It’ll be like a baby crying out because it’s cold and it doesn’t know what else to do.

How Thinking Positive Changes Your Life – Backed By Science

Seems to always be one way or the other, doesn’t it? Positive or negative, paper or plastic… Dr. Kinsey said something to the effect of humans will always be inclined to lean more heavily in one direction, But a person is never entirely, 100% on wither side of the spectrum.

He was talking about sexuality, but the statement applies to other aspects of human inclination. For instance, positive or negative thinking, which do you prefer.happy

As you guessed I favor positive thoughts and intentions.

Lets examine some of the pros and cons of negative thought. Negatively focused thought lends credibility to ‘everything will go wrong’, people are inherently bad,  don’t trust anyone, and people will always let you down.

There are more examples but this is enough to get the main definition across the table; negative thinking highlights any fear, loathing, distrust or general negative formation a person has.

The benefits are that you can plan for if the scenario goes sour on you. However the imagined scenarios almost never go down in the same way imagined. happy-jumping-joy-sunset

The inexactitude often makes the projection useless. The negative deductions are usually based off emotion opposed to fact, so they will always be specialized to the perspective not the situation.

“The optimist proclaims that we live in the best of all possible worlds; and the pessimist fears this is true.” James Branch Cabell

Cabell’s quote fantastically highlights the fact that positive thought and negative thought are directly connected, they are the sides to a coin. Rational thought and receptive perception is the the side of the coin following the circumference of the coin, despite our best efforts we normally only touch it for a moment when the disk is flipped. Both major perspectives are so heavily rooted in emotions that they frequently overlook facts, and are there for normally wrong.

o-HAPPINESS-facebookIf you are only going to be partially right, why not be positive?

The perceptions gleaned in this way are  going to be off wither way. The positive assumptions though will be the better of the options. To be clear, I’m not saying to stop using your common sense.

You should always be striving to make the most objective and rational decisions, that take into account your ‘gut feelings’ and your intuition. That isn’t always an option though and frequently have to make due with what we got.

That positivity will spread to others as well, so its beneficial and conducive to group situations. As you can’t be sure what your neighbor is thinking its safe to cover your bases and try to be as empathetic and supporting as you can until you find out more details.