A Beginner’s Guide To Understanding Your Chakras

Chakras are energy points in specific places in the body that directly effect our being on multiple levels of existence. As the West comes to embrace Eastern philosophies and practices, chakras have become a topic of debate for many people.  The chakras govern physical and intangible aspects of ourselves. Noticing them not spinning in alignment will have physical and spiritual sypmtoms.

There are ways to nurture them directly, but by treating the symptoms you can realign the source. There are seven main chakras in the body and like most formations of the body, they can fix themselves to an extent.  The  more you practice with them and actively care for their maintenance, the better they will function. The chakras are normally visualized as spinning balls of energy located along the spine at specific junctions.

Even if you don’t subscribe to notions of spirituality attached to chakras, they are still a great way to group together and connect physical, mental and emotional aspects of your being. There are many ways to correct the alignment of chakras, according to many schools of thought and disciplines. You can also ‘free style’ it as your connection and awareness build. Chakras are immersed in every aspect of our being, so there are many ways to effect them.

From music, to ecstatic dance action and intent can harmonize and bring dis balance to your life. I’ve listed the major chakras in ascending order with general information on each. Keep in mind that chakra energy flows from the bottom upward. So you may see issues with your throat chakra but you need to make sure all the chakras preceding it are in line first. Keep your eye out for the intermediate guide, in which we’ll specifically diagnose unhealthy chakra symptoms and how to fix them. Keep in mind that a basic visualizing meditation can go a long way in fixing the chakras.

Root aka Muladhara

The lowest chakra, it is our grounding force, that which ties us to the present and affirms our connection to the planet. Beyond the intangible ability to emotionally ground oneself, the root chakra is a reflection of and the control center for the digestive, reproductive and immune system. Corrective actions include any lower core, squats and stomping your feet.

Location: Base of spine
Sense: Smell
Element: Earth
Stones: Black onyx, hematite, carnelian, garnet
Color: Red or black
Sound: Do
Musical Note: C

Sacral aka Svadisthana

This chakra is a reflection and controlling force for creative output, sexuality, ethics, interpersonal relationships and a sense of honor. Physically it is a reflection and controlling force  for the reproductive and urinary systems. Exercises for this chakra are pelvic thrusts and circular movements.

Location: Underneath the ribcage
Sense: Taste
Element: Water
Stones: Orange agate, Red jasper
Color: Orange
Sound: Re
Musical note: D

Solar Plexus aka Manipura

Manipura is a powerful factory of chakras. You channel and create your self-esteem and emotional control through this juncture.  Physically it monitors and regulates your metabolism, upper digestive track, and sympathetic nervous system. Methods for strengthening this chakra are twisting movements and hula hooping.

Location: Middle abdomen area
Sense: Sight
Element: Fire
Stones: Tiger’s eye. Citrine, yellow stones
Color: Yellow
Sound: Mi
Musical Note: E

Heart aka Anahata

Anahata regulates and reveals your confidence, empathy, familial love, forgiveness and relationships. If you’ve been having trouble loving yourself or expressing love to others this is the junction you want to mind. If you recongize the need for major healing, you’ll want to keep a close eye on Anahata. In the physical sense it governs circulation, the heart, immunity, and respiratory systems. To help balance this chakra try swimming, hugging and massage.

Location: Center of the chest
Sense: Touch
Element: Air
Stones: Jade, Rose quartz
Color: Green or pink
Sound: Fa
Musical note: F

Throat aka Vishudda

Vishudda is the focal point for honesty, communication, self expression, recognizing and expressing truth, and will power. This chakra is very commonly over used or ‘pushed too far’. While it gets out of alignment easily, it also corrects with simple steps.  In a physical sense, a healthy throat chakra will improve sore throats and Thyriod issues. People with addiction issues will want to take special care to keep Vishudda spinning correctly. Some ways to keep your throat chakra healthy is to scream, yell, laugh, and gargle salt water. You can also write a letter to yourself, or others. If you truthfully express yourself with compassion it will help re align Vishudda.

Location: Throat area of neck
Sense: Hearing
Element: Ether
Stones: Lapis lazuli, turquoise
Color: Sky blue
Sound: Sol
Musical note: G

Brow/Third Eye aka Ajna

Ajna is also referred to as the Third Eye, and is the gauge of mental health, intellectual processes, intuition, dreaming, and visualization.Spiritual and mental powers are believed to be housed here.The prominent physical aspects are the brain itself, the eyes, and central nervous system. Some ways to improve Ajna’s health are active or lucid dreaming and abstract visualization.

Location: Between the eyes
Sense: All the senses including psychic ability
Element: Light
Stones: Amethyst, Moonstone
Color: Purple
Sound: La
Musical Note: A

Crown aka Shasrara

The highest chakra, Shasrara is linked to and governs your spiritual awareness/health, along with connections to other people, the universe and a higher power. Before working on this chakra remember that energy flow from the bottom up. It is crucial to align your other chakras before working on this one. Physically it is tied in with the central nervous system and general well being. the balancing methods for this chakra include meditation, yoga,and productive thought.

Location: Top of head at the crown
Sense: All senses including consciousness
Element: Will
Stones: Moonstone, clear quartz, amethyst
Sound: Ti
Musical Note: B

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