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When we work together on an issue that you're facing, I help you shortcut the growth and healing cycle so that you feel relief much more quickly - within days usually. Basically, we can change the way you feel about anything, helping you to find real mental, emotional and spiritual relief, permanently. My methods are definitely unconventional and you can be sure that I will challenge you to your limits, but you can also be sure that you will experience mental and emotional relief, as well as a surge of joy, happiness and motivation to allow you to move forward and achieve the success you want to achieve in life. In short, if you are experiencing a challenge that you want to shift so you can move forward, I am certain that I can help you - regardless of the area that challenge lies in. Visit my website to access free and paid coaching tools and resources, innovative free online diagnostics and tools, eBooks, giveaways and more: Life Coaches Toolbox

Mirroring Yourself: Facing The Life Lessons That Bring Out The REAL You

 In coaching and development work you often hear talk of mirrors, and the fact that situations and experiences come to teach you a lesson and show you an aspect of yourself.

How do you recognize these lessons when you’re looking into the mirror of a situation?

See That Red Car? It’s Not Red

Look down at what you’re wearing and begin to describe it. I’m willing to bet you started by saying the color of the piece right?

So, for example you said I’m wearing a black shirt. Well you’re wrong – because technically the shirt is every color but black (or red or white or yellow or pink or purple or any other color you can think of).

It’s basic science… the interpretation of color happens because waves from the color spectrum are absorbed by the item being viewed. The colors you see are actually the waves of color that are bouncing off the item.

So the truest thing you can say of anything red, is that it’s not red.

When we view situations with our ego, a similar process takes place: we have capacity for the full range of emotions inside us, but we choose to only focus on one or two at a time.

So when we view a situation, we shoot the waves of our understanding of the range of human emotions at the situation in front of us. The emotions that are absorbed are the ones we ‘ignore.’ Continue reading

How to Find Real Peace in A World of Complete Chaos

Over the past few years, almost every single person I’ve dealt with has had the same set of complaints:

  • either everything in their life is going completely wrong, or one major area of their life has collapsed while the other areas are going okay;
  • they feel stuck;
  • they feel uncertain about their future;
  • they are reevaluating their intimate relationships and changing masculine and feminine roles; and
  • they are reevaluating their relationship to money, attachments and things, usually including career path. Many here also feel the pull to healing and spiritual work.

Do you recognize yourself yet?

Why does it matter?Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 12.58.03 PM

The moment you have a belief that separates you from everyone else, then the attack becomes personally about you.

The moment you feel attacked, your ego engages and then all the ego emotions set in: fear, doubt, shame, vulnerability, humiliation, embarrassment, resistance, anger, frustration, judgement, guilt, impatience, jealousy, envy and more – the list goes on and on and on. Continue reading

5 of Your Biggest Law of Attraction Mistakes

If you are trying to manifest a goal or desire, this could be the reason you haven’t seen any movement. Is this your biggest manifesting mistake?

Have you noticed how you can diligently work on something for months and months, seeing no results – and then you suddenly see results after you’ve gotten really angry with Source, or have given up and felt the pain of surrender and loss?

If all the manifestation teachings about gratitude and thankfulness are right, and you have to be a in a good space to allow things to come to you, why is that stuff often breaks through in the human experience once it’s gotten – and you feel – really bad?

And how does this become your biggest manifesting mistake?

Ask. Allow. Receive.

shutterstock_272544824Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened. – Matthew 7: 7-8

According to A Course in Miracles, anything that you truly desire – with your whole being – you will experience. According to the Bible, if you ask it will be given to you. Every door will be opened to you.

So if you’re manifesting an experience and you haven’t created it, then do you truly desire it – and do you feel that desire inside you?

Have you truly asked on the emotional level?

Desire, need & want

When you truly desire something, you launch the energy for it to be created – but you have to really FEEL that you want it. Continue reading

4 Ways Forgiving Others & Yourself Can Actually Heal Your Body

Inherently, we understand that forgiveness is powerful technique for freedom, but through lack of experience or understanding, we often don’t understand how.

What are the ways in which forgiveness frees you?

Emotion is a physiological experience

In her book, Molecules of Emotion, author and molecular biologist, Candace Pert, explains beautifully how we experience emotion through the physiological mechanisms within our physical bodies.

To put Pert in context, her original research was into the opiate receptor site and resulted in the medication that they give to heroin addicts, that makes them unable to get high. In a nutshell, what Pert explains is that every emotion or feeling or urge you feel in your body is caused by a specific combination of neuropeptides chemicals released by your brain.

This chemical cocktail rapidly enters your bloodstream, with each little ‘unit’ of the neuropeptide acting like a key that unlocks specific receptor sites on your cells. This then causes a reaction in the cell that you register as a feeling or emotion.o-FORGIVENESS-facebook

Each neuropeptide ‘key’ can only unlock specific receptor sites on each cell, and every time the cell multiplies, the new cell has more receptor sites for any emotion or feeling you have been bombarding your body with. Over time therefore you need a greater amount of the chemical in order to feel the same ‘rush’, because you have more cell receptor sites available for that chemical trigger.

However you only have a limited amount of space for receptor sites on the surface of each cell, so what the cell does is it starts using up the receptor site spaces for elements you use less frequently – nutrients, vitamins and minerals for example.

This is why it takes time for you to develop a new, or break an old, habit, attitude or way of being. Your capacity to experience the new reality literally grows as you increase the amount of receptor sites on your cells that can process that combination of chemicals when they are released from your brain.

You also have to allow time to elapse for receptor sites for the old way of being to fall away. It’s also why it gets ‘easier’ to do something when you’ve been doing it for a while – the reason it feels like stuff has ‘suddenly’ clicked into place is because your actual physical cells have caught up with the changes that your mind has been making and you are now able to ‘feel’ them in your body. Continue reading

Understanding How Time, Choice & Destiny Changes Our Lives

Understand time, fate, choice and destiny and how they apply to our spiritual growth.


Time is a geography – it’s a place or space in which events happen.

If time as a space didn’t exist, we wouldn’t have the space in which to experience events as individuated or separated. So time gives meaning by giving space around an experience, and creating isolation in which you are able to experience that feeling or emotion.


The removal of the space of time would cause a collapse of all the separated events into ALL-that-is, which would mean that they would all happen at once, and they’d already be over.

To help you understand this, it helps to work with the concept of eternity as it is taught in texts like Kabbalah and A Course In Miracles.

Eternity is NOT a measure of time – eternity exists outside time. It is eternal changelessness, or the absolute absence of time and separation.

Time is a mechanism that enables you to see and measure change – eternity is changelessness and already completed unity, the expression of self as ALL-that-is.

Fate, choice & destiny

So the best analogy I’ve found for time, fate, choice and destiny combined is to think of it all like a roleplaying video game.Space-Time

Each lifespan is programmed like a character in the game, so there’s a path you follow, but you have a choice of actions and the route you take. It doesn’t matter which direction you go in either, because every possibility of every choice has already been programmed into the character or lifespan.

As you make your choices as you go along life, they attract certain energies to you, because all your fated spiritual experiences are already lined up and waiting in a row for you to experience across your lifetimes. The energies you attract and amalgamate into yourself will draw the next best fated spiritual experience into your reality now.

So yes, there are fated experiences, but these are actually staggered across the full span of all your karmic lifecycles. By attracting different energies towards you, you can speed up the movement of these fated spiritual experiences towards you.

spiritual-evolution_OMTimes_bigstock-Flight-Of-Butterfly-Girl-53691094This then enables you to move through a number of your incarnations’ lessons rapidly in a single lifetime. It’s also where the feeling of feeling like a new person, or that you’ve started a whole new life, comes from after spiritual breakthroughs. You have literally ‘unlocked’ your next spiritual life with the energies you’ve integrated.

Choice comes in that you can choose the order of the lessons, which path you will follow and whether your experience is positive or negative. Continue reading

3 Reasons Why Our Future Feels So Uncertain

Around the world spiritual peeps are worried that their future feels uncertain. Why does your future feel uncertain – and why isn’t this a bad thing?

If you’ve been on a spiritual journey, there’s usually a sense of direction and movement – a sense that you’re going somewhere. When do you get the odd moment that you feel directionless and unsure, it’s quite unsettling, usually part of a shift cycle, and it usually passes very quickly.

So you’re not wrong to feel uncomfortable about the fact that the future seems so uncertain – and you’re in good company with many of the spiritual peeps around the world who have the same question.

Why does your future feel uncertain right now, and what’s the lesson in all this?

Paradigm blindness

Have you ever had that experience where you’re trying to explain something to somebody, and they can’t understand it because they don’t have a frame of reference to understand it with? Continue reading