3 Reasons Why Our Future Feels So Uncertain

Around the world spiritual peeps are worried that their future feels uncertain. Why does your future feel uncertain – and why isn’t this a bad thing?

If you’ve been on a spiritual journey, there’s usually a sense of direction and movement – a sense that you’re going somewhere. When do you get the odd moment that you feel directionless and unsure, it’s quite unsettling, usually part of a shift cycle, and it usually passes very quickly.

So you’re not wrong to feel uncomfortable about the fact that the future seems so uncertain – and you’re in good company with many of the spiritual peeps around the world who have the same question.

Why does your future feel uncertain right now, and what’s the lesson in all this?

Paradigm blindness

Have you ever had that experience where you’re trying to explain something to somebody, and they can’t understand it because they don’t have a frame of reference to understand it with?

That whole thing there is called paradigm blindness.

Whenever you engage with the world – conversations, touch, love, information gathering, experiences – your body stores the information as pictures, sounds, colours, smells and so much more. This makes up what we refer to as our memory.


Each time you enter new experiences, your mind finds the memories that are most similar to the new experience, and uses them as a point of reference to help you understand what is happening in front of you.

Do you remember how often you felt confused as a little kid and how much more sure you feel of yourself now? The difference is that your paradigm blindness has been ‘cured’. You’ve accumulated the information you need to reference in most situations, so you know how to act and behave. Knowing what to expect removes the fear.

Right now you (we!) have paradigm blindness to what the new world will be.

The new world orders we live in could look dramatically different from what they do now. You’re trying to understand how your 5D skillset and abilities will fit into this current 3D world – but this 3D world won’t exist anymore.

You’re concerned with making money, making a living, having a decent standard of life, achieving your dreams and goals… as they apply to this 3D world. Chances are good that the establishment gets turned on its head with this and we’re dealing with a completely different scenario going forward – like a world without money.

Until you know what the environment looks like, it will be impossible for you to get a fix on how you fit into it.

We’re still creating it

The second reason you can’t see your future and how you fit in is because we’re here to create the future.

skywalkThe reason Source is omnipotent and omnipresent is because there are representatives working at the different levels.

As lightworkers we are here to do the work that needs to be done on the physical level, while Source takes care of the other stuff. Source experiences and understands the physical dimensions through us, through our thoughts, because our minds are still one.

Once we reach a certain point, Source is going to look at the combined energies of all the minds of the world and make a fixed choice about what is going to happen – so all the options we’re seeing right now are exactly that: the possibilities that exist.

The reality of what will happen going forward is going to be defined by the thoughts we think in our heads – there is no fixed path for this to take. The energies will unlock the path we follow.

Once the future decision falls into place, you’ll be able to more easily and clearly see how and where you fit into the picture, and you’ll be able to begin moving forward.

Lessons of faith and creation

The lessons in future uncertainty are twofold: faith and creation.

On the first level you’re being asked to have more faith, using this time to connect to God and strengthen your bond, instead of becoming downhearted and falling into an ego trap.barefoot_walking

Secondly, we’re being asked to step up and take on our roles as gods and creators – to actively build and create a future that is right for us, instead of allowing a few powerful individuals to dictate our lives and destinies.

If you want to see forward movement right now, and you want greater clarity on where your future is going, then you need to start pushing forward in any direction you can. As you create each new event or experience, you’ll get a feel about being on the right or wrong path, and you’ll be able navigate like that.

There’s no white knight coming to save you this time – as a creator you will have to forge your own path.

So employ some willpower, pray for strength and get out there and do something towards your future today. You’ll appreciate it when you sleep peacefully tonight instead of lying awake and worrying.


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