How to Find Real Peace in A World of Complete Chaos

Over the past few years, almost every single person I’ve dealt with has had the same set of complaints:

  • either everything in their life is going completely wrong, or one major area of their life has collapsed while the other areas are going okay;
  • they feel stuck;
  • they feel uncertain about their future;
  • they are reevaluating their intimate relationships and changing masculine and feminine roles; and
  • they are reevaluating their relationship to money, attachments and things, usually including career path. Many here also feel the pull to healing and spiritual work.

Do you recognize yourself yet?

Why does it matter?Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 12.58.03 PM

The moment you have a belief that separates you from everyone else, then the attack becomes personally about you.

The moment you feel attacked, your ego engages and then all the ego emotions set in: fear, doubt, shame, vulnerability, humiliation, embarrassment, resistance, anger, frustration, judgement, guilt, impatience, jealousy, envy and more – the list goes on and on and on.

Just look at that list of ego emotions again and realize that the moment your ego is engaged, you begin to feel in that range of emotions. This range of emotions is what we identify as pain and turmoil in the human experience.

Ergo, it is not the situation itself that is causing you to experience drama and hurt and pain, it is your ego reaction to the situation that means that those layers of emotion arise in you.

The turmoil you experience in lessons is ONLY caused by your ego response. Your ego response is triggered because you hold the belief that all of this is ONLY happening to you in isolation.

Global Energies

One of the most powerful learning curves I’ve had over this year has been running a Facebook group known as the Advanced Lightworkers Discussion Group –

magnetospheric-substorm-earth-s-magnetosphere-releasing-energy_xcx_frmimg_1348298794-4475One of the daily habits that we’ve created in the group is a post I call the Daily Global Check In. In this post, we discuss global energies that are at play right and how this can impact our day-to-day experience, and our shifts.

We pull on a number of resources that do global energy reports, take a look astrology, and as a group we discuss the congruency of symptoms we’re experiencing as a result of the planetary and cosmic influences.

The most surprising insight for me over the past few months, has been that I’ve only had about 5 or 6 ‘personal’ shifts in that time – where before I required healing help weekly.

The awareness that I can expect certain experiences as a result of global energies took the pressure off me – I didn’t see the problem as being me anymore. In fact, this has reduced my need for healing sessions so dramatically that healers I normally work with thought they’d offended or upset me.

The world is Crazy right now

Don’t kid yourself – it is really ugly out there right now.

Suicide rates have increased worldwide to the point of where we have someone dying of suicide every 40 seconds. The rate of suicides related to financial concerns has sharply spiked as well.

People are worried about their future, they’re worried about survival, they’re lashing out, being mean, being ugly – and it takes a lot of internal strength to be able to navigate the madness out there at the moment.

What you have to keep remembering is that this is not about you, or aimed at you right now.

People are losing their homes, they are finding themselves without a place to stay, unable to feed themselves, in legal trouble for debt and expenses. In South Africa alone, over 1-million people have been retrenched suddenly since January 2016. That’s 2% of the entire South African population – and the country already had a standing 25% unemployment rate.


Many of the jobs that are being lost right are also white-collar positions, and for all these many workers there is knock on effect of impacting the families they need to support and feed.

Every time you make this about you, you are throwing yourself into a pit of emotional turmoil that will make the experience hell to go through.

Yes there will definitely be casualties in this war – I’m not by any means saying that understanding this will SOLVE the problem immediately.

I’m saying that understanding that this is a global energy means that you will have the strength to navigate it, instead of wasting time and energy on useless emotion that only serves to distract you.

Give yourself a break

Put down the whip and stop beating yourself up about what’s wrong in your life right now.

Get out there and honestly talk to a few people and you are going to discover that almost everyone is in your boat right now.

The only thing that keeps you from knowing that for yourself is the shame and vulnerability you feel at expressing that supposed flaw – you’re scared of what people will think of you, that they will think you’re a failure.

This thought, this belief, is preventing you from reaching out to the people around you.

When we stop hiding behind ego and reach out to the people around us, we’re going to begin the conversations that will enable us to change the world. The way to fix the problems now is at the societal level, so we have to begin talking to each other about what we’re experiencing.

Then, we CAN solve the problems once and for all.



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