How to Increase Your Psychic Ability: Clairsentience – The Sense of “Clear Feeling”

Can we be real here?

There’s so much we can’t quantify with our limited understanding of science, and so many fascinating topics immediately get dismissed because of this. Having a psychic ability is something many of us have been taught as something fake, when it’s actually incredibly simple.

When we can collectively understand the fundamental nature of reality, we will see that everything is made up of vibrating energy. This concept is not new, but we can’t scientifically¬†understand how it literally connects everything in our universe.shutterstock_254859949

There are different waves of energy that we can learn to read through practice. Just like you exercise a muscle in your arm, our third eye and intuition needs to be exercised to work optimally.

This is something we are all inherently born with.

As a baby, you do not navigate reality through shapes and physicality but through reading energy. Over time, we learn to adapt to this dense reality and only focus on the third dimension.

Those who are born extra sensitive can read the lines within vibrations from an early age and not have the ability disappear. Many of us have lost touch with our mental, emotional and spiritual selves. There is infinitely more than just this 3D reality, and it’s ready whenever you are.

The idea of being psychic is pretty misconstrued. You can read how someone is feeling, their thoughts and motivations by watching their facial expressions, body language, tone and actions.

When you combine those together and connect the pattern of someones behaviour; you are essentially being ‘psychic’. You canpredict their future actions based on their present ones and really see who they are.


Everyone is inherently born with these psychic senses:

-Clairvoyance – Clear seeing
-Clairaudience – Clear Hearing
-Clairalience – Clear Smelling
-Clairgustance – Clear Tasting
-Claircognizance – Clear Knowing

And for this article, I’m focusing on my own strongest sense:

Clairsentience – clear feeling.

Clairsentience is the ability to know what someone else is feeling without the need to ask them. This is one of the most practical and logical based psychic sense. Out of all the senses, this one comes most naturally to me. Many emotional based water and air signs have this prominent sense.

This sense has been drastically heightened for me ever since I met my partner who is incredibly energy sensitive and requires a higher level of awareness. Everyone lets off their own energetic vibration that, when it hits you, you have to learn to read. Many people have turned off that level of sensitivity, so they can’t even feel it in the first place.

Many times before writing an article, I need to go see how everyone is doing before I can sit down and focus, other wise I can start being influenced by external negative emotions. The key to developing Clairsentience is the discernment between your own emotions and the external influences around you.

It feels different for everyone, so people feel physical sensations like tingling, pressures or heat on their body. For many, the feeling comes with a mental thought as well.

This is one way you can learn to feel what others are feeling:

Self-Compassion-Concord-MassachusettsTake a breath, and slow everything down. Focus on only this emotion that has come to you, don’t distract yourself from it. Now, it’s incredibly simple. Use logic.

Think, what events have happened recently that could have been stirred up from your subconscious? Many times we tuck away our emotions in the busyness of life so we forget to completely integrate them.

Focus on yourself first, is this emotion yours?

If you’ve gone through everything it could be and you feel like it’s not yours, then it’s time to do some investigating. Psychic ability is all about observing and growing your awareness. If you don’t notice what’s around you, your senses have nothing to grasp on to.

When you focus on that feeling, go back in your mind and see if anyone has any reason to be upset with you. If the emotion you’re getting is overwhelming joy, see if anyone has any reason to be joyous with you.

If you had just told someone some amazing news and get a wave of joy half an hour later, there’s a good chance you’re tapping into those intense vibrations being emitted around you.

It is crucial in developing Clairsentience to trust yourself and your feelings. Many people immediately dismiss clear signs they get because it doesn’t match with their belief system.

When we ask for signs in our life then ignore them, we are blocking off a major part of reality that is a lot more magical.

The more you pay attention and can piece together the puzzle of life to see how everything is connected, the idea of being psychic becomes a lot less airy and a lot more practical.

When everything is fundamentally energy in this universe, it only makes sense that we are affected by the waves around us. Practicing reading those waves and see how drastically your life will shift!


Feature picture: Kagaya

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