The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure: Overwhelming Evidence Extraterrestrial Life Exists

Are we alone in the universe?

The short answer is no, of course not.

Alien-Abduction2This question has been posed for centuries, if not since the beginning of our known existence. Each generation we get closer to real answers through our exploration of science and outer space. Some of us get closer in other ways.

Today, with the aid of Hubble, Kepler and other very powerful telescopes, we can map the visible universe and know that there are billions upon billions of stars, galaxies and unknown energies.  There are many potentially habitable planets that lay in the so-called “Goldilocks zone”, making it mathematically impossible for us to be alone in this universe.  Some of us, due to our belief systems still haven’t been able to grasp this FACT, but most of us have moved on to the next question.

On a daily basis, we are proving what we thought as absolute is more malleable than we thought. This can all be summed up in the famous quantum physics double-slit experiment where an electron can exist as 2 different states: a particle and a wave. Which state depends on how it is being observed, so these 2 different states of being are happening simultaneously. Ok, enough of physics, what about ET’s and UFO’s?

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In April/May 2013 I co-produced the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, a monumental event which gathered together over 40 witnesses mostly ex govt. officials and military of high rank and tenor and put them before 6 former members of congress in a mock congressional hearing that spanned 5 days and over 30 hours. The testimony was compelling and the congress members were mesmerized as the week unfolded. We live streamed the event and received a fairly decent amount of press, considering the “Truth Embargo” that surrounds the subject matter.

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The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure

There are countless incidences where people have seen and even been on board crafts that are not using Newtonian physics to get around. These crafts seem to use an Antigravity propulsion that create the ability to bend space and time to get from place to another.

It was often mentioned during the first Citizen Hearing that, if we were to do another meeting that it would be more about the Experiencers, the ones who have had first-hand contact with actual beings.

I started researching which led me to various Experiencer meet up groups with people who have had physical or pseudo-physical contact with beings from other worlds. Not surprisingly their stories all matched up. I interviewed people from all over the world who claimed to have physical experiences of something beyond the 3D.

Some females had eggs taken and males, sperm taken from them. The similarities in the stories we uncanny. Many books on the subject matter have been written and even well-respected doctors and psychologists going deep into the subject. Some of the experiences seemed benevolent and some seemed malevolent. Even the more malevolent cases still had the Experiencer always put back and left in one piece… physically maybe, not always emotionally.

Not everyone is comfortable getting ripped from their bed in the middle of the night and taken into outer space. After several interviews and long discussions, the pieces of the puzzle were coming together… a massive human ET/Hybrid program had been taken place and for all intents and purposes is still going on.

Hybridization program? For the evolution of their race and ours?  Each discovery peeled the onion but the onion grew in size. Many of these Experiencers had a very negative view or outlook on what’s happening but even more seemed to see it in a positive light. So who is right?

Wanting more answers, I began to open myself up to more out-there concepts. I was introduced to Daryl Anka’s work and the entity known as Bashar. Bashar is an extraterrestrial being that allegedly channels through Darryl. Much like a TV antenna, Darryl is able to tune himself to a frequency in a way that is similar enough to Basher’s so he can communicate through Darryl.

The idea of channeling was not new to me, I had been exposed to it as a young child through books and events that my mom attended. I never took it seriously until I heard Bashar/Daryl speak of a few specific concepts that really struck me. This, in addition to my research into the ET phenomenon, abductions, experiencers, etc, really put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

I began personally interviewing these entities, finding out their purpose and more about them physically & spiritually. Much of my work can be found here.

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Interview with Experiencer Ayako Sekino

Are we alone in the universe? I would have to say definitely not. The story is so big, so massive that it is beyond anything we could possibly conceive. Every time when I think I’ve figured it out, I get slapped with a new nugget of information or personal experience that smashes the last revelation to dust.

Do you want to know where humanity came from, where are we going? Who our galactic family members are? Then follow me on this journey.




Written by: Reuben Langdon

Reuben Langdon is an actor/filmmaker/truth seeker currently residing in the LA area perusing both his acting career and his documentary film projects. Find out more about him at his website:


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