Virgo: The Sign of The Sensitive Soul

Oh, sweet Virgo’s.


Opposite of airy signs like Aquarius and Libra, Earth-element Virgo is into the practical side of things. Ruled by the mental planet Mercury, Virgo’s are analytical, observant and intellectual in their thought processes.

Sixth in the zodiac, Virgo’s are represented by an image of the virgin. This symbolizes ideas of purity, modesty, sensitivity, shyness, conscientiousness and sometimes reserved energies.

This doesn’t mean Virgo’s won’t connect with you, they just take a bit more time to warm up. They can keep themselves at a distance before you really get to know them – but when you do, their intelligent, empathic and curious demeanor will enchant you.

Virgo’s are people of the Earth, they are grounded and many of them work with their hands. The two sides of a Virgo are sensitivity vs criticalness. Many Virgo’s are sensitive and require you to approach them first. They are kind, often well spoken and knowledgable but are known to be critical of themselves and those around them.

woman-earth-josephineIt’s that analytical, left brained way of thinking that can sometimes come off too harsh. Balancing the nurturing and mental female side with the physical, practical and logical male side of the Virgo sign is crucial.

This sign tends to be more quiet when you first get to know them – but eventually everyone shows their weird side! Usually disliking being the center of attention, Virgo’s are perfect for those one-on-one, amazingly deep conversations.

They are the observer, they watch and feel more intently than others and that’s a recipe for an insightful mind.

Virgo’s are known to be hard workers with great attention to detail which can add to a better sense of memory. Organization comes naturally to many Virgo’s, both mentally and physically. Many Virgo’s have a clear understanding of their purpose in life and have both short term and long term goals figured out.

It’s said that as an Earth sign, many Virgo’s really care about their health and wellness, is this true for you?

Practical subjects like mathematics and science are intriguing to many Virgo’s, as well as literature and art for others. Many of these traits depend how you grew up and the specific way in which you interact with reality!

yin_yang_clock_by_artoftu-d1org9kIf you’re a Virgo, try to balance your logical male energy with your feeling, female energy. Combine the material with the spiritual, the practical with the ethereal.

If you generally get anxious in large groups or aren’t really a conversation-initiator, try switching it up! When you’re your honest, authentic self, there’s nothing to fear when interacting with others!

Sweet and kind in nature, Virgo’s are some of the best people to have as best friends. They tend to be incredibly empathic to those close to them, combining their observation and intelligence to be able to understand you empathically.


Feature picture: Daniel Eskridge

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