6 Important Things To Remember When Loving A Virgo

As a Virgo, I can tell you that the majority of the astrological assumptions made about us are bang-on. I’m normally not one to jump on the bandwagon of descriptive personality traits, but I’ve caught myself nodding my head in agreement over the commonly mentioned characteristics- controlling, critical, obsessive, and a bit overly-honest. These traits make relationships with us very interesting, and knowing how to handle these traits will undoubtedly improve the bond between you and your Virgo partner.

1. Unpradictability is a No-Go
Virgos prefer their life to have some semblance of order and routine. While we can have moments of spontaneity, most of the time we want to know there is a next step, what it is, and how to get there.Romantic-Relationships

If you offer to take your Virgo partner or friend out for dinner and they decline, it isn’t because they don’t love you or don’t want to go, but rather they have other things planned ahead already.

Keep in mind, changing plans isn’t easy for a Virgo because of how much they schedule for themselves on a daily basis. Loving a Virgo means you need to allow them to find stability where they can, and as an Earth sign, stability is very important.

2. Perfectionism vs. Improvement
A common word found in descriptions of Virgos is “perfectionist.” I can’t whole-heartedly agree with that, and would say we are more “improvement-ists.”

It might come across like your Virgo partner is nit-picking, or trying to make things perfect, but what they are really doing is finding ways to improve their life, and yours. Virgos find joy in being useful, and will show their love by helping you in many different ways (even ways you may not realize).

3. Trust is Hard To Repair
Virgos long for honest relationships where they can openly express themselves without judgement. As soon as you meet a Virgo, they will trust you, see the good in you, and believe that you are most-likely a decent human being.

secrets-to-a-happy-relationshipThere is a base amount of trust that everyone is given, and once you learn to strengthen that bond, the Virgo relationship will contain that stable foundation it so desperately needs.

If you break that bond of trust however, it can take a long time, even years, to repair.

Virgos tend to put all of themselves into something, and expect equality in a relationship. So when you lie, omit the truth about something, or shatter their trust in other ways, you create an imbalance that appears almost impossible to fix.

If you know a Virgo who finds it hard to trust people, instead of being openly trusting, it is because they have put themselves out there and been hurt too many times in the past. You must be patient with them and lend a compassionate ear. They will warm up…eventually.

4. Clear Communication is a Must
Having open lines of communication is vital for any healthy relationship to flourish, and a Virgo relationship isn’t any different.

Continuing along the path of openness and honesty, a Virgo partner or friend will always prefer you to say something rather than keep your mouth shut. Tell it like it is, even if it means it might hurt their feelings; Virgos appreciate communication.

As logical thinkers, Virgos prefer for you to tell them what is on your mind, instead of making them guess. Again, that goes along with their need for stability.

eyegazing5. Virgos Love Deeply
Virgos are deeply passionate individuals. As such, they will love you with everything they’ve got to give, and more.

Ruled by Mercury, Virgos feel the sway of emotions more than most people and are usually highly empathic beings. If they sense you are sad or upset, they will do their best to comfort you. And if you are overcome with joy, they will share your happiness with just as much vibrance as you display.

6. The Little Things Matter
As logical as Virgos are, they are equally imaginative. Virgos spend a great deal of time in their own head, whether it’s in Wonderland or the labyrinth of reality. They can be dreamers, and as such, get lost in the minute details that others might ignore.

The multitude of colours captured within a dew drop will captivate them just as easily and intrinsically as the dimple on your face when you smile. A compliment from a Virgo is a treasure; they see more of the little things than you may realize, and they appreciate all of them.

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