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Raven Fon is a freelance writer and a globetrotting journalist. She studied creative writing and journalism at Saint Petersburg College and has since been a contributor to several written and online publications, including her own She is an avid lover of comics, cartoons, and video games, and believes everyone writes better while wearing a cape.

Indigenous Leaders Share The Prophecy Of The Condor And The Eagle

Chief Phil Lane Jr. and other Indigenous leaders explain to us the meaning of the Condor and Eagle prophecy, and the anticipated reunion of the two entities.

The Eagle and the Condor is an ancient prophecy that speaks volumes about where we came from, where we are now, and where we’re going. Essentially, all of human society splits into two paths- the path of the Eagle, and that of the Condor. The Eagle represents the North; masculine energy and focus of the mind. The path of the Condor is represented by the South; feminine energy and the softness of the heart.

According to the prophecy, the 1490s marked a significant event that would ignite a 500 year period of suffering and conflict. During this time, the people of the Eagle would gain enough power and force to almost completely eliminate the people of the Condor.

Look around…you can see this has happened and is continuing to happen today; the past 500 years show example after example of Native peoples being killed and oppressed.

The prophecy continues by saying that the next 500-year period, which began in the 1990s, would be a time of divine connection between the Eagle and the Condor. Or rather, that there would be the potential for these two to fly together and ring in a new age of consciousness for all mankind.

The following video is a clip from the film Shift of the AgesIt features indigenous leaders from North, South, and Central America who talk about the prophecy of the Condor and the Eagle- but they do more than just talk about it. They bring it to life. You can feel the fire of the Eagle, and the gentle caress of the Condor, and you experience the past 500 years in the blink of an eye.

The prophecy is telling us that the time for a shift is now. We have the potential; we know how to make this a better world for everyone. So, let’s do it. I’m ready to fly- are you?

By Raven Fon

This Vaccine-Carrying Device Invented By A Student Could Save Millions Of Lives

Keeping vaccines at a regulated temperature through transportation across developing countries has been a main concern among health officials for years. Thanks to a portable cooling system designed by a  22-year-old student, that might not be a problem for much longer.

Will Broadway is  an industrial design and technology graduate from Loughborough University, and created the concept for the device during a project at school. It seems to have done rather well, considering it has recently been awarded the highly regarded James Dyson Award for the UK participants. James Dyson will personally select the international winner on October 27th.

The device, known as the Isobarmaintains a stable temperature of 2 – 8 degrees Celsius for one month.  It might seem like a complex idea, but it’s really just basic chemistry. Ammonia is heated with water to create ammonia vapours. These vapours are then released into the main chamber when cooling is required.

2012 was when Will found his inspiration to design the portable refrigeration, after he visited Cambodia and parts of south east Asia.

“These trips sparked an interest,” he told BBC Newsbeat. “It pushed me. Something needs to be solved for this major issue.”

The best part, besides helping millions of people fight illness, is that Will doesn’t want to patent the design.

“I don’t think that it should be patented to restrict use,” he told BBC Newsbeat. “I make things every day for people who have everything. I wanted to make something for people who have next to nothing. It should be a basic human right, in my opinion, to have a vaccination.”

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The September 16th Lunar Eclipse: Bringing Out Your Inner Truth & Creativity

This Friday’s lunar eclipse has two important themes behind it: truth and creativity.

Let’s get right down to it, shall we?

This lunar eclipse is a powerful one, and is going to release some painful emotions for many of us. All full moons hold energy relating to relationships, and this one isn’t going to be any different. Whether it has to do with the relationship with ourselves, or others, this eclipse is going to give us a little clarity and insight.lunar-eclipse-december-2010-nasa-keithburns

You know that baggage you’ve been carrying around for the past few months? It’s all about to come to the surface, so get ready.

When this happens, it is important to remember that you are seeing all of this come to light for a purpose; you can only determine which thoughts are helping and which ones are hurting, if you acknowledge them first. So yes, it might be a painful time wrought with frustration and anger, but there is a reason for everything.

Since this lunar eclipse encompasses the energy of truth, you can expect all those feelings and emotions you’ve been ignoring to rise to the surface. Pushing aside those things in your life you really should’ve been paying attention to? Well, it’s all about to burst forth into the spotlight.

Of course, going through the process of all those emotions, and facing those things we have hidden away from can be painful. But you’re strong enough to handle it. You’re strong enough because you know it is what you must do if you are to expand your consciousness and attain higher understanding. Continue reading

Watch What This Little Girl Says When She Explains Why She ‘Won’t Eat Animals”

Whether you are an avid meat-eater, or a strict vegetarian, this little girl’s words will touch your heart.

You will find countless people all across this beautiful planet who embrace vegetarianism for various reasons. Maybe they have a mindset of compassion and love towards animals and just can’t bare the thought of eating them. Or, maybe they choose to eat only veggies because of health and diet reasons.

Whatever the cause for their choice, it is theirs to make without judgment from anyone else.

For this little girl, her mind is made up and she’s made her choice.

Apparently, when I was a child, I used to say similar things. My parents told me a few stories of how I would defend the animals we were about to consume for dinner, but it never lasted more than a few minutes. I lacked commitment to the cause when my dad was in the kitchen.

But this kid, well, I think she may just stick with it. Probably a lot longer than a few minutes. Truth be told, she may even inspire me to give it another try.

In the video, the little girl tells her mom that she will eat whatever is put on the table…as long as it’s not an animal.

With her adorable way of explaining things, regardless of where you stand on the subject, you can’t help but see her side of things.

Personally, I think everyone should be able to make their choice without worrying if someone is going to make them feel out of place or guilty. This little girl can show us all how to smile when we discuss this topic in the future with our friends, for sure.

By Raven Fon

(h/t Little Things)

5 Unusual Uses For Astrology You Might Not Have Thought About

Astrology is considered by some, to be a science, and by others, to be an art. Regardless of which category you fall under, every one is entitled to their own opinion, and no one is more right than the other.

So whether you look to the stars to see your future, to see if your love life will improve, or just to see a beautiful expansive scene unfold before you, one thing is certain: we all appreciate the stars.

Since humans have been able to look up and see those glowing orbs in the sky, astrology has been around. And it has crossed into many fields- some of which you may not even know about.

Like these 5, for example:

1. Breeding animalsshutterstock_331670213
You know that there are horoscopes for humans, but did you know astrologers once created them for animals too? In other words, your best friend might have a Virgo horse, and you have a Taurus cat.

It might seem a bit bizarre to start believing that animals can show different traits based on their signs, but that’s just what animal breeders in 17th century England once did.

Following this practice meant that they would draw charts for newly birthed animals based on the constellations and planetary alignment. Basically, the stars decided when the animals would be castrated, weaned, or docked, as well as determining the best time they should breed.

2. Predictions during WW2
Some people are unaware of Hitler’s obsession with astrology.  Before he would take part in any war mission, Hitler would consult with his astrologers.

shutterstock_116051401The British concocted a plan that was aimed to fill Hitler with thoughts of impending defeat. This was through false ‘readings’ from  a planted astrologer. Their man of choice was German-born Hungarian astrologer, Louis de Wohl. Continue reading

This Ancient City In Louisiana Is As Old As The Egyptian Pyramids

By Raven Fon

Did you know there are city ruins in North Louisiana that are so ancient, they’re as old as some pyramids found in Egypt?

Poverty Point,  or as it is said in French, Pointe de Pauvreté, is a site of prehistoric earthworks, or mounds. These earthworks were created by the Poverty Point culture,  which thrived from 2200 BC- 700 BC, and reached its peak at 1500 BC.

This is a fascinating culture for many reasons, including: the Poverty Point culture is “one of the oldest complex cultures, and possibly the first tribal culture in the Mississippi Delta and in the present-day United States.”  These native people lived in villages that reached over 100 miles on both sides of the Mississippi River.

Poverty Point is now a U.S. National Monument and World Heritage Site. Located in the Southern United States, it is 16 miles from the Mississippi River, situated in northeastern Louisiana. Continue reading