5 Unusual Uses For Astrology You Might Not Have Thought About

Astrology is considered by some, to be a science, and by others, to be an art. Regardless of which category you fall under, every one is entitled to their own opinion, and no one is more right than the other.

So whether you look to the stars to see your future, to see if your love life will improve, or just to see a beautiful expansive scene unfold before you, one thing is certain: we all appreciate the stars.

Since humans have been able to look up and see those glowing orbs in the sky, astrology has been around. And it has crossed into many fields- some of which you may not even know about.

Like these 5, for example:

1. Breeding animalsshutterstock_331670213
You know that there are horoscopes for humans, but did you know astrologers once created them for animals too? In other words, your best friend might have a Virgo horse, and you have a Taurus cat.

It might seem a bit bizarre to start believing that animals can show different traits based on their signs, but that’s just what animal breeders in 17th century England once did.

Following this practice meant that they would draw charts for newly birthed animals based on the constellations and planetary alignment. Basically, the stars decided when the animals would be castrated, weaned, or docked, as well as determining the best time they should breed.

2. Predictions during WW2
Some people are unaware of Hitler’s obsession with astrology.  Before he would take part in any war mission, Hitler would consult with his astrologers.

shutterstock_116051401The British concocted a plan that was aimed to fill Hitler with thoughts of impending defeat. This was through false ‘readings’ from  a planted astrologer. Their man of choice was German-born Hungarian astrologer, Louis de Wohl.

The British had Wohl make predictions that the stars were not favouring Hitler, and therefore would not be a good time to make any important decisions. Whether he took Wohl’s guidance seriously or not, we’ll never know. The British ceased communication with Wohl and continued on their mission to end the Nazi regime.

3. Finding out our past or future lives
You can use your birth chart to find out all sorts of things about your personality in this life, and a few prior ones as well. Not to mention what may happen in the future.

Many of us ponder about what transpires after death, or if there is an afterlife. Oftentimes this makes resorting to astrology a plausible choice.

Maybe our soul never dies. Maybe we take another form after death. Perhaps doing good deeds in this life will ensure a prosperous life in our next go-around. Obviously, we can’t possibly know if any of this is true, but we do know something: if everyone believed in this, the world would be a much nicer place to live in.

4. Medicine wheel
Before we had technology and modern science to assist us with the field of medicine, we had astrology.

Believe it or not, astrology once had a huge impact in the medical world. When people believed the stars were responsible for diseases, they would look to their physician- but not for medicine or treatment.

These physicians drew star charts the moment someone became ill in order to determine what was wrong, and how to go about curing it. If you had a sprained ankle, that was due to Pisces, who ruled the feet. And if your genitals weren’t functioning properly? That was Saturn who was responsible.

5. Hiring
shutterstock_410925856You would think that someone’s skills, talent, and education in a certain field is what would help them get hired, not their astrological sign.

Well, an insurance company in Austria thinks slightly differently. They ran an advertisement looking to hire people born under specific star signs for a job.

“We are looking for people over 20 for part-time jobs in sales and management with the following star signs: Capricorn, Taurus, Aquarius, Aries and Leo,” read the advertisement.

The company defended it’s bizarre actions by saying, “A statistical study indicated that almost all of our best employees across Austria have one of the five star signs.”

The Austrian authorities sided with the company because they are not discriminating based on gender, race, or age.


By Raven Fon



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