This Ancient City In Louisiana Is As Old As The Egyptian Pyramids

By Raven Fon

Did you know there are city ruins in North Louisiana that are so ancient, they’re as old as some pyramids found in Egypt?

Poverty Point,  or as it is said in French, Pointe de Pauvreté, is a site of prehistoric earthworks, or mounds. These earthworks were created by the Poverty Point culture,  which thrived from 2200 BC- 700 BC, and reached its peak at 1500 BC.

This is a fascinating culture for many reasons, including: the Poverty Point culture is “one of the oldest complex cultures, and possibly the first tribal culture in the Mississippi Delta and in the present-day United States.”  These native people lived in villages that reached over 100 miles on both sides of the Mississippi River.

Poverty Point is now a U.S. National Monument and World Heritage Site. Located in the Southern United States, it is 16 miles from the Mississippi River, situated in northeastern Louisiana.

Archaeologists haven’t yet determined the original purposes of Poverty Point, although they have suggested several possibilities, such as, it was a settlement, trading center, and/or ceremonial religious complex.

The 910-acre site was brought to the attention of archaeologists in the early 20th century.  Since then, numerous excavations have taken place at the location. Several scholars have advanced varying theories regarding the cultures livelihood, while other writers suggest a more pseudo-archaeological and New Age association. The complex attracts many tourists each year as a destination, and I can see why.

Check out the following video of this incredible site!


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