Your Personality & Energy Type Based on the 5 Elements

According to ancient Chinese legends, the five elements are what comprise the existence of the universe. There must be a constant balance of the five in order for the world to run smoothly. As we are living beings on this earth, it is only natural to conclude that we are composed of these same substances.

Yet one or two elements, in particular, is enhanced on each individual person, displayed in their characteristics and temperament. Those who are practiced in ancient Chinese healing methods use these element personalities to diagnose and treat their patients.

Which Element Are You?

Wood: “Pioneer”


Those with Wood character traits are adventurous go-getters. Their determination drives them to push themselves to the limit in order to accomplish their goals. This makes these people very competitive. Due to their assertiveness and logical mind, they react strongly when they witness injustice. Others may misunderstand and view them to be harsh, blunt, or apologetic.


The predominant emotion for Wood types is anger. This usually occurs when Woods push themselves too hard or commit themselves to more than they can handle. This anger can manifest itself in compulsive, erratic behavior, or they become stressed and exhausted.


The bodily organs affiliated with this type is the liver and the gallbladder. Woods are prone to irregular sleep, migraines, inflammation, headaches, muscle cramps, and nervous disorders.

If you have a wood personality, ensure you take care of yourself. Make time for relaxed meals and eat slowly. Sleep enough. Exercise to reduce tension. Meditation and yoga would be very beneficial. Guard your health so you can enjoy your adventurous endeavors.

Fire:  “Wizard”


It’s easy to recognize Fire people. When they walk in, the party starts. They are full of endless energy and they love being around a crowd. Fires need to be constantly stimulated so they are always jumping from one exciting pleasure to the next incredible experience. When they are not on a high, they become subdued and morose.


The obvious trait of fire is happiness. They possess a constant feeling of joy as they continuously chase gratification. Without it, they feel emptiness or even panic.


Many Fires suffer from insomnia, depression, and anxiety. They also have a predisposition to heart problems like palpitations or hypertension, or digestive issues with the small intestine.

If you are a Fire, it is best to achieve relaxation and stress-management techniques. They shouldn’t consume excess alcohol that overstimulates the liver and causes imbalance.

Earth: “Peacemaker”


Earth characters treasure harmony and unity. They are those warm spirits who make everyone feel loved. They are very reliable and non-confrontational. Their relationships are their top priorities and they have endless loyalty and devotion. Earths are uncomfortable with change and cleave to the security of the past.


Naturally, the dominant emotion of Earth is sympathy. Every bit of energy they possess is to help others. When their love is not returned, Earths tend to worry and lose assurance in themselves and their purpose. This can lead to unhealthy codependent relationships, overprotectiveness, or enabling the destructive behavior of those who are closest to them.


Earths often have a sweet tooth and a tendency to indulge. This can lead to weight gain and obesity. They can experience lethargy, water retention, and other stomach illnesses. In addition, muscle soreness and joint disorders are also very common.

If you are an Earth, you need to set boundaries to establish healthy relationships. They also should develop self-reliance, self-expression, and peace in occasional solitude. Be conscious about overeating and only indulge on the rare occasion. Also, avoid foods that antagonize your stomach.

Metal: “Alchemist”


Metal people have their principles and live by them. They prefer structure and have a definite spiritual affiliation. Their temperament is calm and reserved. They are strong, independent individuals who hold themselves to high standards and seem perpetually unruffled and opinionated.


The mark of the Metals is grief. When they are sad, they become secluded and distant in their relationships. They mask their feelings and keep emotions inside. They may appear indifferent and austere to others.


Metals weaknesses manifest in their lungs and large intestine. They may suffer from asthma, constipation, recurring colds, or other problems that are related to these organs.

If you are of the Metal disposition, learn how to express and channel your grief and sadness. Let go of the past and try something new. Find a passion and follow it. Build social connections. Refrain from smoking and do occasional bowel cleanses for your physical well-being.

Water: “Philosopher”


Those with the Water mentality enjoy the details of life. They are the ones who become oblivious to the world around them while reading a book or listening to music. The arts are a part of them and they can analyze a poem, painting, or philosophical concept for hours without tiring of it. They are candid and objective, along with self-sufficiency and modesty.


As brooks and rivers flow, Water types also run from their prominent emotion: fear. They may cut themselves off from people and bear loneliness. Sometimes they can become so wrapped up in their own world, they view reality as harsh, cruel place, and they act cynical and suspicious.


The body parts affiliated with Water is the kidneys and the bladder. They may endure urinary infections, kidney stones, backache, tiredness, and hardening of the arteries.

If you are of the Water persona, work on becoming more open. You may feel vulnerable at first, but that’s okay, it means you are healing yourself. Make friends with those who have similar interests with you and bring them into your world. Coffee and drug abuse weaken the kidneys, therefore avoid them as much as you can.


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