5 Signs You Are Losing Touch With Your Inner Intuition

Your intuition protects you from danger, it’s the little voice inside us that helps us make decisions.

If you are tuned in to yours, you’ll know when a loved one needs you, you’ll feel when something isn’t right, and when something is!

Sometimes, we block our intuition and we lose our ability to interpret it properly and clearly, these signs may help you realise if your intuition may be blocked.


sad-coupleWhen we are tuned in and guided by our intuition, it helps us make choices and decisions we won’t regret later. When our intuition is out of touch, we make ego and mind based choices, and that is often why we end up regretting our decisions.

When you allow your inner voice to guide your soul and stop fighting it, decisions come easily and you never feel regretful about them.

Lacking Flexibility

If you are attuned to your intuition, you are willing and “going with the flow”, and this often means your plans and decisions change as you are guided down your path. When out of touch, you ignore the warning signs that you would otherwise have seen and, then, ultimately, changed direction.

One of the biggest reasons people are not flexible is because they ignored their intuition the first time, and then don’t want to let anyone down after already saying yes.

If you really are listening to your inner voice, this won’t happen often, you’ll be saying no right from the beginning!


A major sign that you aren’t tuned into your intuition is the feeling of confusion, you are struggling to make the right decisions for you and clarity is lacking.

Man with conceptual spiritual body artWhen you are listening to that voice inside, you won’t be confused, you’re inner knowing and outer synchronicities will align a decision that will push you towards the right path for you.

The crazy Irrational

Do you dismiss your intuition as crazy or irrational? Perhaps your inner voice tells you to go somewhere or do something you would never go or do! But what if behind that door you would never open is someone who needs your help?

What if your dream job is behind door number 2 even though you always use door number 1?

You could be missing out on the most aligned relationships, careers and many other experiences all because you ignored your intuition and called yourself crazy for wanting something out of the norm.

Giving Away your power

Allowing and expecting someone else to make all your decisions for you is definitely a sign of blocked intuition.Consciousness

When you visit your doctor, do you expect him or her to make every decision?

Or do you question him or her? Do you allow your partner to decide everything around the home, even if you feel something else might be better?

Tune in to your intuition, pay attention to your inner voice!



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