10 Physical Symptoms of a Spiritual Awakening

Have you experienced any symptoms of a spiritual awakening? Chances are, if you are reading this article, the answer is “yes!”

A spiritual awakening is an ongoing process whereby a person becomes aware of their connection to the infinite, and becomes mindful of their spiritual nature.

As spirits, we are eternal in nature.  However, when we are born into these bodies, many of us “forget” our spiritual nature.  We are often raised believing that we are disconnected from one another, and that this life is our only existence.

spiritualawakeningWhen someone experiences a spiritual awakening, they become aware of their spiritual nature, and begin to understand that they are indeed connected, and eternal, beings.   As a result, they will often experience some specific symptoms of a spiritual awakening.

Please note that not all people who experience a spiritual awakening will experience each of the following signs and symptoms, but they probably will experience at least a handful of them.  We each experience our spiritual awakenings differently as we each have different sensitivities.

1. An increased interest in metaphysical subjects and the paranormal~

awaken-728x400-e1404639389566Often people who are experiencing a spiritual awakening will become very interested in metaphysical subjects and phenomenon like crystals, tarot cards, reiki, psychics and mediums.  

This interest can help the individual understand his or her spiritual awakening, as traditional subjects and education typically fail to address questions of a spiritual nature.

2. Unusual sensations in your crown~

The crown of your head is where your crown chakra resides, and your crown chakra is what connects you to source energy.  When your crown is buzzing or experiencing other sensations, it is an indication that you are well-connected and in a receptive state to the energy of the universe.

3. Ringing in the ears~what-is-your-intention-soul-twin-flame-awaken-L-ffYeac

Some people who are experiencing spiritual awakenings experience a ringing in the ears which often happens when we are in the process of ascension.

Just as a dog can hear higher pitched sounds,  a ringing in the ears indicates that you too are becoming more sensitive to higher frequencies.

4. Vertigo~

The process of ascension is one of transformation and change.  As our energy ascends, sometimes you may feel off balance.  Deep breathing and meditation can help ground you if you are experiencing vertigo.

5. Increased chills or shivers not due to illness~

Chills and shivers are a sign that you are very connected to source energy, as such you are “buzzing” with energy.

6. Increased empathy and compassion~

awakeningIn a spiritual awakening, we become aware of our connection with all people.

As a result, those who are experiencing a spiritual awakening are more likely to interact with others through love and acceptance.

7. Regular instances of synchronicity~

Synchronicities, or meaningful coincidences, become common place.  To learn more about synchronicity, read “Are You Experiencing Synchronicity?

8. Accepting death~

If you become aware of your eternal nature, death starts to feel less scary and more acceptable.  In a spiritual awakening, one may come to comfortably understand that death is simply a transitional state, rather than an absolute “end.”

9. Receiving messages, and understanding what they are~spiritual-awakening

When we become connected to our spiritual nature, we become aware of messages sent to communicate with us or inspire us.

For example, at a critical moment you might see exactly the words you need to see written on a street sign or billboard.  You might also see a cloud formation that is significant or meaningful to you, like a heart or an angel.

10. Experiencing “oneness” ~

This rare symptom must be felt to be understood, but it is a moment of total clarity, whereby an individual feels wholly connected to everything in the universe.  Deep meditation can help facilitate this knowing feeling.

Have you experienced any of these unique symptoms of a spiritual awakening?  Comment below and share your story!


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  1. I got awakened few days back. At first it was surreal and I could not understand whats happening. Most of the above points match in my case so , A big thanks to the writer. :)

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