The Science of Love: How Love Affects Our Brain

 Love! Words come to halt when we start talking about it. It is something so strong and unexplainable. It knows nothing but to love. The Language of love is our feelings.

What actually is happening inside us? Have you wondered what might it be?

When we are in love with someone, a spurious chemical reaction takes place in our body. This uncontrolled chemical reaction is responsible for the way we feel our love. This chemical reaction is carried out by the hormones and neurotransmitters that are released while we are in Love. Yes!  They play an amazing and striking role in modulating the wave of love we feel.

(1) The Stage of Lust

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The first stage is the stage of lust. It is common for men to get aroused first because a mere sight of a woman is enough to trigger testosterone production in a man and make him romantically attracted to her.

This forces him to get around her so often. This is the thing that makes him get madly in love with her.

But in females for a woman love involves a total intimacy in which feeling, listening, caring and expressing love matter a lot. Unlikely Men’s love is superficial. It is more about satisfying the physical need than an emotional need.

But at some instances women’s generally have spike in mood for romance when they are at peak of ovulation cycle due to a rise in estrogen that drives her in to mood for romance (1)

(2) The stage of Attraction

love-hug1Once the stage of lust is crossed, Men’s generally experiences an attraction for the opposite sex. When one is attracted to another there is a rapid surge of hormones like adrenaline, serotonin and dopamine throughout his brains neural pathways.

This can cause him to feel that strange feeling of love that he will be having for her. When dopamine is released he feels a sense of pleasure within him.

So he starts to keep following her to get that same pleasure again and again. This cause the release of dopamine from the brain again, this makes him to go for her again and again to get the same pleasure that he experiences. This makes him feels more energetic and satisfied. The dopamine will spike up as long as she attracts his mind (1)

(3) The Stage of Attachment

Have you ever wondered why women can bond better than men? Well, if not here is the answer. The final stage of love, Yes! the stage of attachment is marked by the release of the bonding hormone oxytocin.


This hormone helps in establishing a bond between two people. Once the oxytocin is released, she makes a very strong mental bonding with her partner, which makes her impossible to think of any other person in this world rather than her hero (you).

This hormone is also released during the peak of orgasm during sex. The more intimate the relationship, higher the production of oxytocin takes place.

When these feelings spikes up while opening hearts each other, it causes this oxytocin to get released in large quantities forcing her to get bonded to her lover stronger and stronger. The increased levels of oxytocin increase the commitment of a woman for her partner (1)

Yes my friends, this is the chemistry of our love! Love can never be expressed in words except through our feelings. Our feelings are the one that generates these neuro hormones that make us feel our love. Here are the 3 seeds of romance that act as a catalyst for this chemical reaction of love.



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By: Dr. Fahad Basheer

Author of “The Science of Emotions”


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