7 Facts That Prove Eyes Are The Window to The Soul

It is undeniable that our eyes are a very special part of our bodies, and unique to every individual. It has been said that our eyes are ‘windows to the soul,’ and that they can provide others with information about how we’re feeling.

However, you may not realize exactly¬†how much they’re giving away! Here are seven great facts about our sight factories.

They Are Political.your-eye-colourr

You can tell a person’s political orientation by looking at their eyes!

People that are more left leaning tend to follow ‘eye cues’ more readily than right leaning people.

This means that you’ll know someone is liberal if they follow your gaze when you look away from them.

They Can Tell The Truth…Or Lie.eyegazing

If someone seems untrustworthy, look into their eyes.

If they look up and to your left, then it is likely that they are fibbing.

If they look the other way, they are probably recalling information.

They Have An Unbelievable Recognition of Color.

Your eyes can distinguish between about 10 million different tones of color. In addition, how you see color can affect aspects of your life. For example, food can taste different depending on what color you interpret it to be.

Their Color Can Dictate Alcohol Tolerance.

A study recently conducted at Georgia University discovered that light-eyed people (blue, green, hazel, or grey eye color) could handle their alcohol better than those with dark eyes.

the-human-eyeThe Blink Reflex Is Controlled By A Powerful Muscle.

Most adults blink an average of every 5 seconds.

This equates to an astonishing 6.5 million times a year.

The muscle that controls this movement is faster than any other muscle in the human body!

Their Eyes Can Tell You If They’re Flirting.

This can manifest in a few subtle ways: they could unconsciously mimic your blinking pattern, gaze at your mouth, or their pupils will dilate.

They’re Easy To Take Care Of.eyespace

80% of conditions that affect people’s eyes in the world are avoidable or curable.

You’ve only got one pair, so look after them, it’s easy!

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