This Study Shows How Dangerous The Effects Of Mobile Phones Are on Your Brain

Our latest technology could actually be a potential threat to our physical health with the amount of radiation that we put ourselves through daily.

CellRadiationAn interesting study that was published in PLoS One with the title “EEG Changes Due to Experimentally Induced 3G Mobile Phone Radiation” states that those who own 3rd generation cell phone, as well as 4th generation devices, risk worldwide brain disruption just by having a 15 minute phone call that exposes your brain to toxic radiation.

The study consisted of investigating whether a 15 minute placement of a 3G dialing mobile phone causes direct changes in EEG activity when in comparison of a sham phone.

With the addition of investigating whether placement of the phone on the heart or ear would have any sort of different results.

The study also conducted thirty-one healthy females to participate in the experiment. The rest of the study states this:

“During each assessment, EEG activity and radio frequency radiation were recorded jointly. Delta, theta, alpha, slow beta, fast beta, and gamma activity was computed.


The association between radiation exposure and the EEG was tested using multilevel random regression analyses with radiation as predictor of main interest. Significant radiation effects were found for the alpha, slow beta, fast beta, and gamma bands.

When analyzed separately, ear location of the phone was associated with significant results, while chest placement was not. The results support the notion that EEG alterations are associated with mobile phone usage and that the effect is dependent on site of placement. Further studies are required to demonstrate the physiological relevance of these findings.”

Which now leads us to believe that 4th generation devices are profoundly able to alter brain neural activity with just only 30 minutes of exposure.

The ultimate conclusion of this study is that the more powerful our devices become, the stronger chance we have of altering our brain activity. Be weary the next time you have an hour long phone call!

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