10 ‘What Ifs’ That Will Make You Deeply Question Your Reality

If you’re a frequent visitor of The Spirit Science, you probably agree with the notion that questioning things is quite a healthy practice. I certainly agree; we’ve got to question everything that we’re told, everything that happens around us – otherwise, we’ll wind up accepting things without hesitation and falling into many of the traps laid out for us.

Here are 10 questions that I hope will prove to be thought-provoking and get you thinking about why things are just the way they are.

1. What if everything we’re taught is a lie?

From a young age, we’re told that the educational system and authority figures in it teach us the truth. But what if they didn’t – how would we even know?

2. What if education’s purpose was to teach us to function in a very specific system that we must be dependent on?


What else do we learn in school other than things that are designed to get us to fit into a very specific worldview?

3. What if the world and society ceased to exist the way we currently know it?xinnerworld.jpg.pagespeed.ic.lJq_tS87GB

Related to the previous question, where would that leave the people we currently see as successful, the people who have excelled in the very specific and narrow system laid out for them as the only reality by the education system?

4. What if medical marijuana was genetically modified and not as beneficial as street marijuana?


Why not?

So many other types of plants and crops are genetically modified – what would stop scientists and corporations from doing the same thing with marijuana?

What might the motivations for that be?

5. What if we didn’t prescribe gender roles to infants from the time of their birth?


Is it even possible to do so? Everything about the way our world is set up almost demands that we give attributes to babies.

From television to toys and games – everything.

What if gender were nothing more than a physical difference in genitals between individuals and any other cited difference were just contrived?

6. What if God was simply All-That-Is?


What if God was actually the underlying fabric that created reality. What if it was genderless, all knowing, and was you, me and that homeless man you passed on the street.

What if it was the accumulation of everything in existence?

7. What if society’s insistence valuing the heritage and respect for royal families was just their way of holding onto power and stating their importance in the world?

How many monarchies have lost power in this world due to the knocking down of the notion that any one family could be appointed to rule over a ‘kingdom?

8. What if an overwhelmingly large group of people simply lost interest in the value of money suddenly?


Have much bolder ideologies not been introduced rapidly into the world?

What the overwhelming majority of people on this planet just decided to work in terms of some other type of currency?

9. What if we really were alone in the universe?


What would be a scarier thought – that we’re alone or that we’re not?

What might another race of intelligent beings look and act like?

10. What if intelligent life was trying to help Earth?


What if they had accomplished peace on their planet, irradiated hunger or the like? How would that change our attitude towards each other?

How would that change the way we view ourselves?

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