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10 ‘What Ifs’ That Will Make You Deeply Question Your Reality

If you’re a frequent visitor of The Spirit Science, you probably agree with the notion that questioning things is quite a healthy practice. I certainly agree; we’ve got to question everything that we’re told, everything that happens around us – otherwise, we’ll wind up accepting things without hesitation and falling into many of the traps laid out for us.

Here are 10 questions that I hope will prove to be thought-provoking and get you thinking about why things are just the way they are.

1. What if everything we’re taught is a lie?

From a young age, we’re told that the educational system and authority figures in it teach us the truth. But what if they didn’t – how would we even know?

2. What if education’s purpose was to teach us to function in a very specific system that we must be dependent on?


What else do we learn in school other than things that are designed to get us to fit into a very specific worldview? Continue reading